Content Manager


Content Manager

Contract, Anywhere, Remote, Entry-Level
Potential Titles
: Community Builder, Designer, Narrative Designer, Game Writer, Producer

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Tales is creating a modern publishing platform. We connect writers to data, upgrade their monetization, and give them the tools to create new storytelling formats. Think Roblox for fiction writers. Join us and together we’ll connect storytellers with consumers, cut out the gatekeepers, and build the next Netflix powered by creators in the process.

About You

You learn faster than others, you’re tenacious, and you will always figure out a way to deliver. “Not in my job description” is not in your vocabulary. Obstacles are simply learning opportunities and failure is always on the path to progress. You have your choice of which companies to work for but you’re strongly driven by mission and values.

  • Language: You have flawless, native English ability. You can write better than the person who put together this job post.
  • Logic: You understand logical equations.
  • Software: Fluency with the latest tools and desire to pick up more. You know software shortcuts in your favorite programs because you value efficiency.
  • Hustle: You enjoy putting your friends to shame by finding answers to their questions on Google.

Your Responsibilities

We don’t expect you to do everything below, but here is the range of possibilities:

  • Community/Marketing: Build a community to celebrate the creative process, the diverse storytellers, and unique stories on our platform.
  • Design: Create new features and file bugs. Gather and surface insights from our writers, readers, and competitor products.
  • Narrative: Improve the stories on our platform with better writing, visuals, audio, and gameplay.
  • Production: Organize, prioritize, and tag stories on our platform and assets in our library, Plan our sprints and keep the team focused.

After a trial period, we expect to level you up to a permanent role with more focused responsibilities.

Top Five Reasons You Should Join Tales

  • Mission: Only 5% of published fiction is written by people of color. We’re democratizing access to publishing by removing the traditional gatekeepers.
  • Innovation: Build content creation tools creatives have never seen. Top creators from TellTale, BioWare, Wattpad, and Twitch have already started creating original franchises on our platform.
  • Impact: Be the hero of creators who will be able to make a sustainable living on our platform. When they succeed in creating household names, you’ll know you had an integral part in bringing that to life.
  • Upside: Being an early team member means you get to shape our journey in meaningful ways. Economically, you’ll own a piece of a more engaging and democratized version of Kindle or Netflix.
  • Fun: The journey may be long but you’re working at the intersection of media and technology. This isn’t a payment processor (nothing wrong with that if that’s your cup of tea – but here there be games!).

Application Details

  • ‍Location: Remote, must overlap at least 4 hours with PST (California) time zones.
  • Application: Fill out the form below OR drop us a line via email:

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