Choice of Games

Tales is built for mobile platforms. We offer creators thousands of assets to choose from our ever-growing library to truly bring their vision to life. See why many writers choose Tales for flexibility on monetization, ownership, and formats.


Visual. Audible. Interactive.

Immersive format of visuals and audio

Choice of Games

Plain-text interactive fiction.

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Superior Analytics

Stories on Tales get better over time with data and iteration. This means your stories will only earn more revenue over time. At HostedGames an average project takes 18 months to find out if your idea has legs. In 12 months at Tales, you could have tested 3 pilots and completed a season of the best one.

Immersive Gameplay

Choice of Games is pure plain-text whereas Tales allows creators to add top-notch visuals and audio to enhance the narrative.


You’re already an expert scripter, but imagine if your tools were beautiful and fun to use! Once you have access to syntax highlighting, choices without need to get indentation perfect, and descriptive error messages, it will be hard to go back.

Visual Upgrades


Choose from a massive library of art to show your readers where your story takes place! Want to see more? Check out the full list of genres to see a variety of sets!

Style Your Text

With Tales, you can change the visuals of your text to emphasize specific lines, or adjust the tone of the full story.


More than just transitions! You can add fire to a scene, show a magic spell with sparkles, or reinforce a romantic moment with floating hearts. Sound complicated? Fear not: it only takes one line!


Gameplay is easier to understand when there’s a visual cue! Our library of icons will help communicate your intent to players.


Character Art

You’re used to writing in prose, but with Tales you can create characters with a variety of ages, body types, and looks.

Story Moments

For stories that perform in the top 10% on the platform, we also offer special hand-painted images. These are perfect to show off a special moment, an action scene, or a monster.


Tales vs Choice of Games