I enjoy and thrive being able to express my creative ideas and explore topics that could be shocking or controversial. On Episode, I usually take a cliche and put my spin on it and tell the story in a way that the reader won’t expect, with a twist at the end. Keeping readers guessing through my stories whilst they are drip fed information seems to be the style that came most naturally to me in my writing. With Episode’s restrictions being a PG13 app, I have found I often need to dilute my storlines to keep within the PG13 guidelines. Whilst Episode has given me a platform to be able to develop my creative interests, Tales seems to be the type of app that I can develop further with and create stories that we both want to tell. I am also very excited to have the opportunity to come on board at a very exciting time for Tales, as they are launching themselves into the Interactive storytelling platform. I believe and will work towards, being a part of what is going to make Tales successful in the marketplace.

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Creator: Amanda Michele