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Ariadne Tay

Journalist who writes smut

Ariadne Tay brings the East to audiences of the West, bridging the cultural gap in fiction with her unique perspective. Striving to create an experience with her writing, she drags readers into her world with zero regard for their feelings. Those who have read her works have commented that she’s great with hot scenes, humour, and hot scenes with humour. That being said, her multidimensional characters have personalities that extend past stuffing reproductive sausages into ham wallets, and they might even make you cry.

At some point in her younger years, Ariadne wanted to be a neurosurgeon, a software engineer, and a game designer, but decided that neither attending med school nor debugging code were fun. Instead, she went to journalism school for her master’s degree, then got paid to write nonfiction pieces for a print magazine. She now uses those wordsmithing skills to make readers feel things about people who don’t exist.

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