Admittedly, I have very limited experience in content creation beyond what I write every day from home. Though I have contributed two sports articles to Bleacher Report a long time ago, this can hardly be considered a body of work.

I do however maintain a consistent motivation in my own work, which is predominantly focused on the surreal, the macabre and nightmare imagery, inspired by epic narrative poets such as Dante, Homer and Ovid. I prefer to write poetry but have recently begun to develop my prose skills.

I’m an honest and direct communicator and as such I have no shame in admitting I’m not (in my own opinion) a particularly gifted writer, but I have a tremendous passion for it and a strong desire to improve. I pride myself on being able to create vivid imagery, being able to place the reader in the realm I’ve created, in addition to a carefully honed word choice to present my ideas in a unique way.

Finally, for the past five years I have been crafting a low-fantasy story in a world called Thulenheim, with a vast character list, including a digital map of the location that is nearing completion.

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