Nothing feels more fulfilling to me than having people engaged in a good story. I look at telling a good story as a way of reaching out to people in order to help them expand their way of thinking.

I believe telling a story in video games can provide an even more unique, immersive experience that not only tells an engaging story but can also make people feel like they are a part of it. I also find it fascinating how simple mechanics in a game have the potential to enhance the story. Seeing how great stories in video games can potentially affect people in such personal ways is why I also want to be a game writer. I want to leave a positive impact on people through my stories; encouraging them to learn something more about themselves, people from different walks of life, or the human condition.

Let’s see other things about me…I’m left handed, I break dance, graduated with a BA in English: Creative Writing from the University of Washington, and one of my favorite games is Final Fantasy 6.

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Creator: Byron Donaldson