I love this! To let my readers jump in the books and make decisions. They would always get taught a lesson by me somewhere based on their choices. After loving Episode and the application being for a younger audience I was devastated to have to leave it behind. I like showing the character and the way that they act and sometimes it’s nice not having to explain each scene in every single chapter. My readers can focus on what’s being said and how the characters react. They can relax and escape reality. That’s why I write. To escape my everyday life. They can do the same. Put some headphones on with music and destroy my characters life. They can beg for something to happen once they’ve made a choice and then see how it plays out. Plus they can make choices. That’s the big one. They can decide what happens next.

I have always struggled to find a platform for my books. They have violence, graphical details that aren’t for a younger audience, swearing, anger issues, everyday problems, sexual content and much much more. These are issues that happen in everyday life. I combine comedy with thrillers, romance with fantasy and I have real life situations that may offend but they show everyday life as an adult but make it magical. Nobody knows what I will do with each book. In one book the main character may lie to the reader making them believe every detail until another character shows the reader that they shouldn’t believe everything that has been said. Another book, I made my readers fall in love with one of the main characters and then he got killed. This can happen in everyday life and nobody has a say when this will happen. It’s not your typical fairytale where everything goes right or the two main characters fall in love and live happily ever after.

All of the other applications are for teenagers. I love writing for adults and keep getting shoved to the side as if my writing doesn’t want to be heard. I hope that you will give me a chance and show others that these types of books should be read and not thrown to the back. There are many lessons that can be learned and I want to show areas that nobody would even dare to read.

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