I’m a prolific writer who has shipped content ranging from multi-mission story arcs for DC Comics games, to studio recorded dialogue lines for SAG actors. I’m currently managing a dynamic speech system for work, while writing a dark mythic fantasy novel and expanding a short story anthology on the side. I see the Tales platform as an opportunity to export my stories to a broader, targeted audience, deepen my writing with polished illustrations and design elements, experiment with crafting meaningful interactive choices, and expand my repertoire of writing genres.

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Writer (Contract) Application
Date: January 10, 2018 at 7:34:38 PM PST
To: jobs@fablelabs.com

Dear FableLabs,

I would like to apply as your Writer. I have attached my resume and application as a PDF below.

Thank you for considering my application!


Cheyenne Pualani Morrin


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