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Christopher Byford was born in 1980 in Wellingborough, England. He learnt to walk whilst holding onto a Golden Retriever and fondly remembers the days of BMX bikes and conker matches. He left college to suffer as an IT Manager for a small multinational before, in his words, escaping to Gloucester. After working for some large tech companies he seized the opportunity to become a full time author. It was the best thing he has ever done.

In the last few years Chris has penned various tales, Den of Shadows being his most prominent. The series itself was picked up by HQ Digital, an imprint of HarperCollins, for publishing. It became an Amazon bestseller.

Away from literary things, his interests include all things VW Campervans, gardening, photography, astronomy and chicken keeping.

He is represented by Justin Nash at the Kate Nash Literary Agency.

He finds talking about himself in the third person rather pedantic and could murder a cold pint of cider right about now.

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