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Christy Henry

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Originally from San Francisco Bay Area, currently living north of Sacramento, I have always had a passion for writing. It’s only now, in my 40s, that I am finally able to turn my passion into art and share it with the world! I have written for an online blog to get myself back into the practice of writing and currently volunteer my time creating and submitting email marketing campaigns for a San Francisco small business shop owner. I am starting a blog about the “Goth Tiki and speakeasy culture.” Since those are another passion of mine, goth and tiki go together perfectly. When I write creatively, I write about fantasy, horror, and romance. My favorite author is Anne Rice. She has always been such an inspiration to me as a reader and a writer. I love to travel, so one of the places I made sure I made it to was New Orleans. Anne Rice made me fall in love with the idea of Nola, and now that I have been there, I fell in love with it for real.

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