Hi, I recently took a break from writing fiction and querying novels under E.M. Sheehan due to life events (which is the reason my writer’s website is sparse at the moment), but would love to return to creative writing and build my portfolio through writing for interactive or narrative-driven games. I am an avid game player of console, PC, and mobile games, favoring those that are narrative-driven and affected by the choices players make. I’ve played several of the TellTale Games, including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and A Wolf Among Us; the Mass Effect trilogy; the MMO Final Fantasy XIV; and mobile games like Choices from Pixelberry Studios. I am particularly good at writing LGBTQ storylines and historical fiction (mostly 19th and early 20th Century America), and excel at natural dialogue and character development. I’m also a librarian by training, so I love researching details and creating authentic, immersive worlds. I hope you’ll consider me as a contract writer with Tales, so I can help you write engaging stories.

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