Much to her horror, Marta Reeder was voted “Best Dressed” in 6th grade. Subtle dig to her avant-garde sense of style aside, the superlative she truly coveted was, “Most Likely to Be a Writer.” But an imposter named Kayla swooped in and stole that title, so this Reeder retaliated by writing — everything she could, all the time. Eventually, a concentrated assembly of these countless words wound up culminating in an English degree from the University of Utah. (Although for the fastidious among us, her degree falls more into the realm of creative writing.) After a brief wandering period and an existential crisis, Marta found herself on the Salt Lake City stand-up comedy scene. She was featured in City Weekly’s “Up and Coming Comedians” and plenty of local showcases, and for a while, Marta felt this was the pathway to her future writing career in film and television. After joining about a hundred writing groups, she found one that fit, and this is where her whole entire life changed. In July 2017, she started working with Jared Ruga and Amanda Stoddard at Vavani Productions to develop film and television scripts. The rest is still unwritten.

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Creator: Elizabeth Reed