Hello Tales team! My name is Ellen Ricks, I am a full-time writer and avid reader. I’m a big fan of your games, especially “Lady Justice” and “Everything You Ever Wanted”. You company creates such interesting stories and I would to be apart of that.
A little about myself, I have a BFA in creative writing with a minor in communications from SUNY Potsdam. In college, I took courses in fiction writing, screenwriting, playwriting, and many literature classes. Since graduating, I have worked as a full-time freelance writer. In my career, I have written two interactive chat stories for the app Eavesdrop, an interactive “choose your own romance” YA love story for the Zoomab app, Heartbeat, where I created my own story with 12 chapters, multiple plot twists, unique characters, and three satisfying and unique love stories. I was also a ghostwriter on a popular New Adult werewolf story on Radish. While I can’t reveal the title of the story, it currently has 82.4 million views. I wrote ten chapters (1,500 words per chapter) for four months. I helped build characters, create interesting dialogue, and wrote intimate scenes. With my direction and writing, I shaped the story that created complex love triangles that many readers loved and connected too. So much that they created multiple Facebook groups, discord groups, and even devoted “teams” for each love interests. It’s why I love doing this!
I would love to write for Tales and continue to create compelling stories and wonderful characters to share with the world. In these uncertain times, I believe that we needs stories more than ever.

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Creator: Ellen Ricks