I have been writing interactive fiction since 2013 on a part-time basis, as I am a practicing attorney by day, and a busy father/husband the rest of the time. I’m currently working on the draft of Community College Hero 3, the end of a trilogy published by Hosted Games, LLC (owned by Choice of Games, LLC) which has sold very well on GPS, Steam, IOS, and Amazon App Store.

I am growing my author platform as I get ready to launch into new projects. I have about 1,500 very active followers on Facebook, a new Patreon page, a new readers email list, and I’ve even managed to sell a bit of merchandise.

I have several new interactive story ideas in mind, at least one of which is episodic by nature. Think Guardians of the Galaxy mixed with some Community College Hero and some Star Trek. Basically, I want to mix action and humor with some of the tough philosophical issues the Star Trek characters routine grapple with.

I’d be excited to speak with you about possibly developing a story idea like the one above. I earn a very generous royalty from Hosted Games for my Community College Hero series, and I strongly prefer to partner with publishers for shared royalties and more upside for both parties. I think successful writers who have business mindsets keep building their libraries and keep building passive income from royalties.

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