My name is Elena Melanson but I go by the name morgana. I am the potential lead singer Of the band Sirenzombies . I am currently gathering up band members. I am also an artist photographer writer and stargazer. I like learning about different languages and cultures. I love pen paling. I like collecting cassettes and vinyl records and cds . I am very rat throw when it comes to my music taste when I come to what I listen to. I’m also very retro when it comes to other things. I am also wanting to wear wigs and not my natural hair because natural hair sucks for me at least. i was born in romania and adopted to canada. i have been canadian citzen since age 2. i was a loner as a child but had fertile imagination. i was in the catholic school system which failed me. at age 33 i decided to write and my pen name is jamila nujuum a name given to me by a good friend.

my obsession are: astronomy, stargazing, reading, writing technology, tattoos, piercings and music, graphic novel, adult fiction, and animal stories (kenneth opel’ silverwing, warrior cats, and seeker bears), buddhism

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Creator: Jamila nujuum