In your ‘about section’ you wrote: “We can only live one life but stories let us visit the lives of others. (…) Stories may very well be the most valuable intangible asset in our lives.” And I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing.
I have three big passions in life; writing, movies and finding the best chocolate shops in every place I visit.
Around July 2017 I discovered the Episode app and after having obsessively read some stories on it, I tried my hand at writing my own.
Now, over two years later, I choose to still write, here, on interactive story apps. I find they combine the visuals of a movie with the narration in novels and it gets turned into something magical. You can see your favorite characters and still read and know their inner thoughts. It’s become my favorite thing in the world. Even better than my favorite chocolate shop in Belgium! ;)

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