I possess over 10 years extensive Communications experience with multinational companies such as Amazon, READ Educational Trust, Yahoo, Cayova, North West University and ACAD Write, that have demonstrated my skills in the communications domain inclusive of inter alia: Copy writing , Editing , Search advertising (Yahoo), Multi-media content creation and communications, Video editing , Speech writing, Ghost writing Social media , Digital communications and content development , Content management and public information tools, Internal and external company communications , Personnel communications , Presentations Power Points, Graphics, eLearning , online and offline content, Intranet administration Whilst functioning as a writer/editor with READ Educational Trust, I believe that I acquired the appropriate tried and tested character qualities and professional acumen that would stand me in good stead in this role including, inter alia: 1) Copy writing 2) Editing 3) Web authoring 4) Technical writing 5) ELearning 6) Instructional design As a content specialist (online and offline) in the Materials Development Department of an educational NGO, I was responsible for a number of different Communications and Public Relations facets including website copy, content editorial, advertising and copywriting. To be more specific about these aspects of my work, they included assuming responsibility for the proofreading, reviewing and editing of texts for accurate creative, grammar and content usage. CONTENT CREATOR SKILL SETS:  Knowledge and Content Management Systems  Providing in-house and client support by writing and editing client commissioned content  Producing company’s newsletter  Compiling, editing and proofreading articles and case studies  Composing and editing contributors’ corporate communications  Designing and coordinating the production of publicity releases, promotional pieces and brochures.  Performing comprehensive editing services on strategic, financial, operational and analytic reports.  Creating multimedia content for diverse target audiences  Engaging local community participation in campaigns and projects  Ability to function as an integral part of a team or individual capacity  Excellent creative, conceptual ability  Communication and presentation skills  Skilled in long and short copy  Ability to work under pressure  Research skills  Proofreading  Campaign and project contribution  Online and print content development  Developed voice / writing style for READ Educational Trust and Zenith’s website and print communications and projects and provided training to website and print contributors  Engaged with technical stakeholders to optimise website design and content  Sourced and maintained a database of related images  Supervised multiple contributors in the United Kingdom and across several provinces in South Africa CAMPAIGNS 1. YAHOO Search Alliance 2. READATHON 3. Nelson Mandela Book Launch 4. Meg Cabot Book Launch 5. Rally to READ https://api.typeform.com/responses/files/e416cb0749a9a530558064b11c13be257e45bfa0c0947444cd14af6328f5c51c/2019_I._Massari.pdf

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