Why FableLabs:This role synthesizes a variety of things I’m good at with a variety of things I’d prefer to be better at. Can’t ask for more than that.Favorite Stories:Oh man. Wes Anderson is the best director of all time. Patrick Rothfuss rocked fantasy fiction. The Expanse (book and TV series) is fantastic sci fi. Final Fantasy 6 and Planescape Torment changed my childhood understanding of game narratives. Last of Us is unbelievably good narrative design in modern games. Tarantino, love him or hate him, does dialogue like no one alive. Dan Harmon is the best character development writer in sitcom history. I could just keep going, but I’m no sure how bored you are yet. Joss Whedon’s Firefly is a cult classic because he understands the space between characters, the core concepts of world-building. Fallout has fallen, and Bethesda should have known better in ’76. Ico and the Last Guardian are stories without words that scream emotion without the need for a single piece of dialogue (epitome of show don’t tell). The Witcher series took game storytelling to a level above and beyond that which I ever expected to experienced with their latest installment. So much more to say…Publishing: 5. Recent games: Amber’s Airlines (appstore); Parker and Lane; Dr. Cares; Remember Jackie (not yet published); Unsung Heroes (not yet published); Proximity (not yet published)Scripting: 3. Design/Balance: 2. Agency: 3. Live-App: 5. See section on games (appstore games)Resume: https://api.typeform.com/responses/files/dd6aba6b1dbb80eae73dee44b166883ea362615f98c2e9bfc5c98b4280108aa2

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