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Hey there! I’m Kevin Frasure, a writer who’s all about sending shivers down your spine. Horror is my game, and I excel at crafting screenplays and short stories that will have you sleeping with the lights on.

When it comes to storytelling, I’ve got a knack for creating an atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat, bracing yourself for what’s lurking in the shadows. I pay attention to every little detail, painting vivid pictures that transport you right into the heart of my terrifying worlds.

One of my standout works is the bone-chilling tale called “The Great American Werewolf Story,” which was featured in the widely acclaimed series Tales. In this gripping narrative, I dive deep into themes of transformation, identity, and the eternal struggle between man and beast. Trust me; it’s a wild ride that’ll make your heart race.

I’m incredibly grateful for the fantastic fans who’ve supported me along the way. Your anticipation for my next hair-raising creation is what keeps me going. Whether it’s through my screenplays or my short stories, my goal is to leave you feeling genuinely scared, captivated, and always craving more.

If you enjoyed “The Great American Werewolf Story, ” feel free to join my Substack “The Seer” and read more terrifying stories.

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