I thought about applying for some of the jobs posted, but I don’t know that I meet all of the requirements. Here’s what I’d like you to know about me:
I’m a middle school band teacher and new mom, and I’d like to quit my teaching job because I’m so burned out and I’m tired of being tired all the time. I come from a dynasty of band teachers (pretty much every band teacher in the state of Minnesota knows me, my dad, and my brother), and I was raised on music and Tolkien. I am a good teacher, and I am a good learner. I organized two major online conferences for the Minnesota Music Educators Association – including planning, organizing, and running the first one all on my own in a month with zero budget aside from donations and sponsors I found. I made $20,000 for the organization and had hundreds of music educators from all over the country attend. I am a good leader, and people trust me. They come to me for advice. I’m artistic, I’m creative, I just have very limited formal training in music education. I’ve planned concerts, brought communities together, and recruited band kids like nobody’s business. I’m a game changer, and a program builder. I just need some training on whatever programs you’d want me to use. I have no shortage of creative ideas. I just have a shortage of time because I have to have a day job to make money.

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Creator: Kristin Chase