I’m new to web writing, so my online presence is small, but I’m not new to writing. I’ve had the privilege of having my work reviewed by industry professionals (in regards to my pilot) and though they admit my work is good, they believe it is so ambitious that no one will take a chance on me because I am unknown. I was advised to seek a writing team and establish myself so that maybe, I might be considered and taken seriously. This got me thinking and I realized that, as nice as it may be to go the traditional route, I didn’t want to be traditional anymore. I want to break the mold. I want to do something new and fresh. I don’t want borders on my creativity. I’m bursting to the seam with these amazing ideas, worlds and characters that are so precious to me. All I want to do is write.

I occasionally work on scripts for an independent producer. I have ghost written a YA novel in the past. Currently, I am working on my own personal projects and am seeking a site that can represent me and my work or, in the case of Tales, a site that I can work for so that I can retire from grooming (which is something that I love to do) and focus on my passion. Over the last four years I have developed an interest in interactive fiction. I dabbled with Twine, but was never able to fully commit because my job is so physically taxing. I myself play video games when I have the time and was always a fan of the idea. As someone who wants to eventually make a game, the idea of creating interactive fiction is truly a dream come true.

I chose to apply to Tales because it promises everything I hope for in the future of literature. I truly believe that Tales has the potential to be one of the biggest web media publishers alongside Webtoons, Wattpad and Choice of Games. I see Tales at conventions, cosplayers in Tales OCs and, eventually, TV, movie and even game adaptions. I want to be a part of this team that’s going to do great things. I have the passion, I have the discipline. I know it’s not easy and I know how much work goes into this. I’m willing to learn. I’m willing to reset my life and start over for a chance at my dream. All I ask for is a chance.

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