Pursuing a career in writing is something that has always interested me, even as a child. As I grew older, I started to embrace my creative potential when it came to writing fiction. It led to the publication of my first short story in a book, Tales from the Grimacing Goblin, that I co-authored with several of my colleagues. My contribution, a fantasy piece, revolves around a young heir returning to his childhood kingdom only to find it in turmoil amidst a recent invasion. The hero turns the tide of the war, but at a high personal cost.

Currently, I am almost ready to publish a science-fiction/horror piece about a traveler getting more than he bargained for after becoming stranded at a seemingly abandoned research station. I am also in the process of writing an alternate history novel that also contains a lot of science fiction/horror elements. There are plenty more ideas that span multiple genres that I have yet to start. In addition, I possess a broad knowledge of video games and am quite comfortable writing about the genre, especially if it pertains to history as well. I believe your organization would provide a superb outlet for my writing and I enjoy collaborating with other like-minded individuals. As an educator by training I appreciate the importance of learning new things and improving my craft.

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