I am keen to get my ideas and stories to as many people as possible on as many platforms as possible. I see working with your platform as a springboard to expanding IP to LBE’s; Film and TV; Webseries; and Podcasts. I love the idea that we can create a whole new world of interactive media with tie-ins to all of the various platforms.

I have written 3 feature films, have several tv series in development and have 3 hours of broadcast TV completed (currently working on the 4th) along with several short films. My Masters degree with distinction in Film (Writing/Directing) is informed by my BA (Hons) in Religious Studies giving me key insight into mythological and storytelling structures beyond the hero’s journey.

Primarily a writer, I have come to the realization that I should be creating my stories in a proven interactive medium first, before trying to explain to broadcastor’s and OTT’s what I am trying to accomplish. This search has brought me here. I feel that we could have an excellent collaboration that is mutually beneficial.

All that said, I understand that as an unknown quantity in your world I may need to prove my chops. This is why I had selected all positions on the desired roles page. Perhaps working as a creative only, or an employee first would allow you to see that I am serious about creating exciting content that people can’t get enough of. Cheers,

Miles S. Crossman, MA

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