I have always been interested in writing and it is the biggest passion of mine. It is a way I can let my creative soul to live to its fullest. It is also a great way to connect to other people and appeal to their emotions and souls. Stories in general are amazing because they are literally for everyone. You can read whatever story you choose and you will always find something there. Sometimes it is a big topic that makes you think and it touches you deep in your soul. Sometimes it is just a funny quote that makes you laugh because it makes you remember the good times you have had.
The Tales platform interests me mostly because it focuses on the story itself. Episode (where I published three stories) is a great platform that balances both directing and writing. To be honest, it takes a lot of time to master both of those skills. You actually spend more time directing the story than writing. For one hour I spend writing the story I spend another five (at least) directing it. I came to love the directing aspect of it but writing is still my number one priority.
I think Tales gives authors a great chance to focus mostly on their stories and bring the words to readers. Which is not an easy thing to do. You cannot focus fully on the visual aspect of your story as it is there to support and enhace the story itself, not to save it.
I am full of ideas and I desire nothing else than to bring them to life. I believe the stories are strong enough that the main focus can be on the storytelling itself. And I think your platform could be the right place to do that.

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