Reading and creative writing have been my passions from an early age. My grandparents bought me The Hobbit and then the Lord of The Rings Trilogy when I was 10 and from then on, I was hooked and loved to escape into the fantastical worlds of the books I read, hoping one day I could write something exciting and compelling myself.

I have been writing TV, film and video game reviews for my own website for almost two years and my aim is to write concise and informative reviews of these things which are of great interest to me, whilst improving my writing skills. The website is mbsmidnightgeeks.com, which is also linked to my Instagram page: mbs_midnight_geeks. I built the site myself via Squarespace and have researched in depth the best way to present my site aesthetically, with content and how to drive traffic via SEO, keywords, etc. My Instagram and site are steadily gaining interest and followers.

Throughout school English Language and Literature, along with art, were the subjects I excelled in. At college I studied Psychology. The study of psychology informs creative writing as you need to write many different, detailed multi-dimensional characters, write from the point of view of others, and understand their motivations. Psychology helps me to understand different human behaviours and perspectives and develop empathy for others.

I completed my BSc (Hons) Psychology degree part time at Teesside University whilst also working there full-time in the School of Health. This was challenging, but I enjoyed it and was thrilled to receive a 2:1, which shows my strong work ethic and commitment. I gained analytical, critical review and research skills during my degree.
I strive to constantly learn throughout my life and I have continued to do courses in between and following University study, in house at work or via other online study, such as; NVQs, a legal secretary course, and courses on diverse topics from Ancient Egypt to SharePoint and Instagram.
I am delighted to have been accepted onto an MA Creative Writing course commencing in September 2020.

I love writing and would welcome the opportunity to hone my skills and learn how to best create and form meaningful pieces of work. I work at my best on my own initiative and am an introvert, happy to go into my own world and write for hours, with accuracy and content checking throughout. I thrive when I can write on my own and develop ideas but am adaptable and a good listener and patient and contributory team worker. I have always wanted to work at home, I feel I am at my most creative, relaxed and with the best focus. I have been doing so in my current role since March 2020.

From an employment perspective, I have years of experience in providing excellent PA / administrative support. I possess a keen eye for detail and exceptional organisational and analytical skills. I have the ability to work to tight deadlines and manage conflicting demands, remaining cool under pressure. These are skills that apply to every aspect of my life.
As part of my current employment I organised a historical display for the JM 200 Year Anniversary, researching and collating historical documents / photos / artefacts into a chronological and interesting room display and PowerPoint presentation. I also create and manage new Microsoft SharePoint sites and pages for the Team. These new tasks that weren’t part of my original job description show that my skills, ability to learn, embrace change and efficiency is recognised, and I am valued in the workplace for my strengths.

I am hardworking, reliable and polite and I will work flexibly, and I always produce work to the best of my ability, utilising a high level of initiative and always looking for new ways to streamline processes. I am a very focussed introvert and I always work efficiently to tight deadlines and prioritise my workload.
In summary, I believe my passion for reading and creative writing, video games, film/tv and various life skills and experiences such as time management, prioritising and the study of psychology and English have brought me to this point and make me a good candidate for this role and I hope you will give me this opportunity.

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