Dear Tales,

Thank you for the opportunity to apply as a Tales Writer. I am eager to become a part of the initiative that delivers fun, interactive entertainment for all! It’s an incredible task bringing excitement and stimulation to a diversity of people. From a unique concept to breathtaking visuals and character depth, I am fascinated with all the pieces of production that come together to create compelling stories.

With a passion and practice of creative writing and art, I experiment with different mediums to bring alive visual narratives, connecting story with art and dialogue with gameplay. I believe that no individual should travel through life alone, so sharing our stories and imagination can help bring together minds that would be isolated otherwise. When I read, my skin tingles and flushes with emotion. When I play games, I can forget about the stresses of the world around me, and truly enjoy the moment.

In my writing, I share feelings of fantasy, humor and a slice of life to bring stimulation for a world that’s sometimes filled with too much apathy. For me, developing an immersive game is really about weaving together our creative processes to make a rich and timeless experience. While my written tales come from my own journey in life, I am curious to learn, and wholeheartedly earnest to engage in a nurturing environment working with you all!

Please enjoy the writing samples I have on my portfolio. Thank you for your consideration.
I greatly appreciate your time with me.


​Sharry Liang

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Creator: Sharry Liang