I’m dedicated, passionate and thrilled about the art of story-telling! Since I was a little kid I got used to create stories in my head. Since I played a lot alone, I got to develop my creative skills immensily and they’ve helped me bring to life storylines and characters that I absolutely love! I hope to one day take my stories to the next level and perhaps take them to big heights – a mini-series, a tv show, a comics… The possiblities are endless!

As a writer, I like to take time to fully flesh out my plots and focus on my world-building. I love creating exciting and thrilling plots, where the characters are allowed to rise and fall, where evil and good are in a constant battle… I also love throwing a good cliffhanger in the way… I would almost say that’s part of my signature style as a writer. Ultimately, I believe writing takes time, patience and passion, and those are beliefs I follow in this line of work.

As for my reasons for wanting to join Tales:
1. It’s a platform with great tools for interactive story-telling and creation of modern works, with great visual and sound effects.
2. It’s open to all genres and encourages readers to be diverse and inclusive.
3. Many readers and writers have recommended me Tales and talked wonders about it, complimenting its team and work ethic.
4. It represents a brand new start for me as an author where I can discover a whole new community of readers, writers and artists, as well as a new place to start some of my stories brand new!

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