I’m a full time licensed structural engineer and that career has been too good for me to ever leave completely; however, writing has always been my creative outlet and I have been actively looking for opportunities the past three years to chase my passion. Since I have a full-time day job, I do my writing in the evenings after the family goes to bed. If I am passionate about a project and the creative juices are flowing I can often get 8 – 12 hours of writing time into a week. During the day I am always available to be contacted with questions or comments as I spend most of the days by a computer.

I broke into indie video game writing and even worked my way up to lead writer for the project Greater Powers: Gods & Heroes (https://www.greaterpowers.com/), but the indie video game world is exhausting and thankless. So many hours of my hard work and good writing have gone wasted over the past few years as the indie teams are too reliant on amateur programmers that often cannot perform the duties necessary. Greater Powers at this moment has been stalled for nearly six months as the team tries to figure out kickstarter and funding issues.

I am searching for more stable and rewarding – both in terms of seeing some of my work come to life as well as financially – writing experiences. Tales seems to represent that opportunity, and I believe my skillset (very narratively focused, extensive work with branching story lines and dialogue, interested in putting players in hard situations – no right and wrong answer only shades of gray, layering story or character arcs on top of each other to build to a climax) align perfectly with what Tales is trying to produce. I hope we can find opportunities to work together, whether I am helping others craft and refine the stories they want to tell, or telling my very own stories, I see a very positive relationship ahead with Tales!

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