I am young but more experienced and successful than most college literature professors in writing and publishing alike. I started off the head of of the story and promotion for a DBZ fan Manga, then left and began making Ebooks. My first one of over 90,000 words in just two months had heart and great feedback from every librarian I showed it, but little success due to marketing inexperience. My next shorter one received more success but was just an experiment, and so I moved on quickly with my new experience and created my first interactive game with choicescript. A gritty street fighter game named Street Jam received a small but loyal fandom on the COG forums before being submitted, with over 500,000 words after just four months of writing. With my choicescript experience I started Become Mortal, and received a much larger reception and following. It quickly topped every other adult-fiction WIP despite most having nearly a year or more time online, and hasn’t been threatened by any more recent games, transforming me into an unknown to one of the top writers on the entire site.
Now that I have discovered Tales, it’s policies, and it’s stories I have become entranced. With both much better quality, freedom, and deals than COG I wish to become a part of your legacy. The thought of pumping out games or chapters every month for an audience waiting on the edge of their seats is very appealing to me, and sounds like a great use of my ability to write thousands of words each day. And yes, I am more than willing to completely turn away from COG to Tales. I promise if you give me a chance to prove myself I will dazzle you and help tales gain the recognition and legend it deserves. I can’t wait to help tales become the Hulu of interactive fiction.


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