I am interested in how traditional prose is elevating in new ways due to modern technology. I think this company has a lot of potential setting trends for how people will experience literature. Although the traditional publishing world is declining, the average consumer is reading now more than ever. I believe that this platform can help cultivate both creators and fans in ways that were not possible in the past. I also believe that the companies focus of how stories are presented and how readers interact with the medium in both conscious and unconscious ways in integral to the traditional literary world surviving and even evolving within the next decade.

A bit about myself, I graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a degree in English Literature and a Creative Writing Minor. I also completed a extensive 6 month program at Swansea University for creative writing. More than anything, I consider my interest in stories in 2 parts: a) the pure narrative itself and b)the medium in which it is presented. I love understanding the tools that each medium uses and how it is able to invoke emotions from an audience, hence why I find Tale’s interest in evolving literature to be so fascinating.

My greatest accomplishment is having my work, Everyone Thinks I Dream of Chocolate, published in a literary magazine. It is based on my time as a sale mans and chocolatier and examines the modern struggle of working as a retail worker. I think it is something most people can identify with on various levels.

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