Story Game: Artificial Aristocrat Book Cover Image

Artificial Aristocrat

It’s 2105 and the world looks vastly different in its post-apocalyptic, gritty neon glare. Artificial intelligence shells make up the vast majority of the population, so lifelike it can be difficult to know just who is machine and who isn’t. Banished for their part in the great wars, humans are in hiding. The peaceful existence of our modern society is thanks to the stoic ruling family, showing the world kindness from their global headquarters in Asia. When this family announces the search for a bride for their son, Mylee knows she must try for the chance. There’s no way a human like her will ever climb back into society without such opportunity. As Mylee gets to know the ruling family and Prince Akeno better, she can’t help but wonder – is there a darker secret hidden behind the perfect facade?

Story: Artificial Aristocrat