Story Game: Edge of the Void Book Cover Image

Edge of the Void

A man known only as The Marshall has chased an escaped prisoner, Krie-eleren, to the planet Brink, near the Void between galaxies. He fights battles on several fronts. One with the prisoner and his allies, one with himself, and one with the A.I. Deputy he created who has fallen in love with him. They meet Hope, a woman from his dreams who says she’s been waiting for The Marshall for a long time. Is she friend, or foe? Along the way, The Marshall and Clarice find other allies within the Outpost who will aid them in their task, which they discover is greater than capturing one dangerous criminal. If The Marshall and Clarice survive the crazed locals that have sided with Krie-eleren against them, they must then deal with whatever hides in The Void and within The Marshall himself.

Story: Edge of the Void