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Upgrade your plain text novel or screenplay to a visual, audible, interactive story. Increase engagement by 50% and monetization by 3x through our immersive storytelling format. Bring your novel to life like no one else can!

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    • Visual Stories

    • Plain text no more! Break up large walls of text with different fonts and text animations.
    • Set the scene by choosing from thousands of visuals to give your story a mesmerizing backdrop.
    • Let your readers visualize the characters by creating them through our powerful character creator.
    Tales immersive format includes visuals and audio
    • Audible Stories

    • Leverage our extensive music and ambient sound library to complete the mood.
    • Amplify the tension of your action scenes with any sound you can think of.
    • Layer in voice actors so your readers can have the story read to them.
    Covers AudioBook
    • Interactive Stories

    • Amplify engagement by turning readers into players.
    • Allow the reader to choose what happens next - put the narrative in their hands!
    • Compose challenges, craft mini-games, and turn your story into a full-on role playing game.
    Interactive gaming features

Triple Your Monetization​

Tales gives you three different ways to monetize your content. By combining individual chapter sales, premium content, and series discounts, our authors are able to make 3-5x more per user. We split 80% of the profits with the creators on our platform. Learn more here.

    • Sell Each Chapter

    • When you charge users before they are hooked on your story, you'll lose 90% of your addressable audience.
    • Tales allows you to control how many chapters you want to offer for free.
    • The remaining ones will be sold for a reasonable price per chapter
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    • Premium Content

    • Create director's cut content for your audience.
    • Reward your super fans with more backstory, an alternate perspective, or foreshadow what's to come!
    • Titles with premium content generate 3x the monetization on the Tales platform.
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    • Sell Entire Series

    • Once your fans are hooked on your content, they'll be given offers to purchase the remaining chapters at a discount rate you control.
    • No need to make the distinction between selling your series upfront or by chapter. At Tales you can do both!
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Gain Actionable Insights

Kindle tells you total sales data. Tales tells you exactly where to improve to get better sales. Find out the exact paragraph where your readers are dropping off in your story. The average writer doubles their completion rate of chapter 1 on our platform.

Story analytics showing conversion through your chapter
Story analytics showing conversion through your chapter

Simple Creator Tools

Use our no-code tools to remix your story with thousands of illustrated images, sounds, and visual effects in our asset library.

Self-Publish On Tales

Only Tales provides creator friendly rights, mixed media, games mechanics, and support for all genres.

RightsNon-ExclusiveNon-ExclusivePaid: ExclusiveNon-Exclusive
MonetizationChapter, Game, SubsUpfront99% AdsChapter
GenresAllAllAll, Fan-FictionRomance
Featurestales white 100 KindleWattpadRadish

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