Drama Stories

Story Game: Painting the Lines Book Cover Image

Painting the Lines
by: Ashley R. King

Amalie Warner wants another shot to prove that she can be a successful writer. After hitting the bestseller’s list nine years ago, she’s lost her spark. Enter Julian Smoke, a failed tennis player making a dream run for the US Open.
Story Game: A Walk in the Woods Book Cover Image

A Walk in the Woods
by: Courtney Cloud

After a life changing decision, this couple faces difficulty unlike any they could have ever imagined. Tim and Andrew choose create the most perfect date night, but they have quite different expectations for how the night will end.
Story Game: Fishing in the Dark Book Cover Image

Fishing in the Dark
by: chocolateeclair

A lone wolf goes fishing the morning after his high school graduation. He is excited to start a new chapter in his life. Little does he know a new chapter will be starting… but it won’t go at all how he thinks.
Story Game: You're my best friend but I like you Book Cover Image

You're my best friend but I like you
by: Susana Paixao

Mag, short for Magda, and Katlyn have been best friends since junior high. Now in college, Katlyn who had always been straight reveals to Mag that she has a major crush on a girl. This confession stirs up Mag’s heart, who, without knowing, has always been secretly in love with Katlyn.
Story Game: Queen of My Heart Book Cover Image

Queen of My Heart
by: symplyayisha

Ronald Gidwani, a billionaire who is also a single father, finds love again when he meets Raina, The Queen Of His Heart.
Story Game: EXTRAS Book Cover Image

by: Zachary Sergi

You don’t know who you are as a shapeshifting Extra hero—but you’re about to find out. Illicit affairs with superstars, deadly secret reveals, mudslinging in the fame game…EXTRAS EXTRAS, read all about it! It’s The Boys who brunch with Pop Divas & Real Housewives. Experience a rotating cast of shape-shifted personas who investigate a terrifying mystery—one that might implode the entire glamor-and-celebrity-soaked Extras industry. That is, if you survive the corporate espionage and sabotage from the rich and famous celebrities who don’t want their darkest secrets revealed. Will this dangerous adventure be the key to unlocking who you really are, underneath it all? Or will it be the key to building your best, most customizable persona ever?
Story Game: Demonique and The HellHunters Book Cover Image

Demonique and The HellHunters
by: Zachary Sergi

Dani always knew she’d inherit the secret duty to hunt demons someday, she just thought she’d get to go to college first. When her Demonique powers transfer from her mother earlier than expected, no one is happy—but Dani teams up with her best friends and biggest crushes to hunt demons. Will Dani be the first Demonique to find a way to seal the Membrane to the underworld? Or will she be the first to discover a startling secret… In the demon world there is a human-hunter, The HellHunter, who protects demons from destructive humans who trespass through the Membrane between worlds. In this demonic utopia, The HellHunter has his own group of friends and juicy romances. Both demons and humans think of the other side as the dangerous, hellish enemy. It’s demonization of the other–literally. But will these two heroes learn the shocking truth? Play as Demonique AND The HellHunter to uncover clues, solve cases, navigate drama and slay all day.
Story Game: Loving Anna Book Cover Image

Loving Anna
by: Autumn Breeze

4/18 BOOK CLUB SELECTION. All chapters free! Leave a comment on the story & win gems. Annabelle Johnson disappeared from Amy Kurt’s life one fateful evening. When Amy unexpectedly runs into her eleven years later, the old spark they used to share is still there – and so are all the secrets. Can Amy find a way of loving Anna that can withstand the truth?
Story Game: Symbiosis Book Cover Image

by: Samantha Lienhard

The discovery of vampires threw the world into chaos. What could have become a dark age of fear and horror ended with the Vampire Treaty and gave rise to a new type of business: one where willing humans can be paid to give a vampire the blood they need.
Story Game: Glamour Book Cover Image

by: Cody D. Campbell

A vampire’s servant tends to her mistress as she mourns the loss of her most recent husband.
Story Game: Once Bitten Book Cover Image

Once Bitten
by: Monaco's Child

Mark’s life changes forever when he meets Becca, during a night out with his friends. But is she the woman of his dreams or his nightmares?
Story Game: The  Adventurous Fam Book Cover Image

The Adventurous Fam
by: Shiva

These 2 books are about a little boy and his family (Consisting of his sister, mom, dad and himself) going on crazy and unexpected adventures. And it teaches them how to cope with what they have got. This is meant for kids around 8 – 13 and would also make a great bedtime story!
Story Game: A Vision of Ruin and Sin Book Cover Image

A Vision of Ruin and Sin
by: Leto

Astrid and Khala are destined to be enemy. One the Great Wolf who will devour the world, the other the brave queen who will slay her. But fate can be challenged. Love and desire can’t.
Story Game: Tattoos Book Cover Image

by: Ressy

Three boys share a tragic past. A naive newcomer with eyes for the popular one wants his first Tattoo done by his idol. If only he knew what events he set into motion the day he walked into their Tattoo shop.
Story Game: The Golden Thread Book Cover Image

The Golden Thread
by: Tales Originals

After a secret conspiracy threatens to destroy the empire, a young aristocratic woman finds herself in the position to rewrite history and change the fate of ancient Rome.
Story Game: The Hunt Book Cover Image

The Hunt
by: seannagrimes

Juliet watches the horrors of the full moon from her window as she does every month, but she feels like she can handle the wolves in a gentler fashion.
Story Game: You're my best friend but I like you Book Cover Image

You're my best friend but I like you
by: Susana Paixao

Mag, short for Magda, has been best friends with Katlyn since Junior High. Now that they are in college, Katlyn the straightest person Mag has ever known has told her that she has a crush on a girl. This confession makes Mag see Katlyn in a new light and feelings she never knew she had for her friend come to the surface. Read their tale and find out if their friendship blooms into love.
Story Game: Saving Lincoln Book Cover Image

Saving Lincoln
by: Alex Shelby

Time travel will become a reality, and Maxine’s mission sets out to repair racial division by preventing John Wilkes Booth from assassinating President Lincoln.
Story Game: Midnight Spirits Book Cover Image

Midnight Spirits
by: Diana Chaudron

Welcome to Midnight. You’re the only human working at this supernatural bar, which makes you a target for some and alluring to others. Hook up or fall in love, discover your magic, and keep serving drinks until last call.

Genre: Drama