Adventure Stories

Story Game: Blood Moon's Light Book Cover Image

Blood Moon's Light
by: CB Arnold

Myn (like the word mine) and Lancy enjoy the first Blood Moon in two years together. When they bid each other farewell, neither could guess what would await them on the other side of the Blood Moon’s Light.
Story Game: The Book Around the Corner Book Cover Image

The Book Around the Corner
by: yitsuin

Your family has protected this library for centuries, the responsibility always passing down to the first born female, and opening up for them a world they could never imagine. But being keeper of some of the world’s most treasured and magical secrets will always come at a price.
Story Game: Survivors - Linear Book Cover Image

Survivors - Linear
by: Anne Katheryn

When your plane goes down atop a snowy mountain ridge, you’re forced to find help, keep warm and survive alongside a gorgeous stranger hiding secrets of his own. Will you survive the elements? Or will something more sinister get you first?
Story Game: Survivors Book Cover Image

by: Anne Katheryn

When your plane goes down atop a snowy mountain ridge, you’re forced to find help, keep warm and survive alongside a gorgeous stranger hiding secrets of his own. Will you survive the elements? Or will something more sinister get you first?
Story Game: Vampirates! Book Cover Image

by: gremlin.writes

Adventure on the high seas awaits any who dare to step on board “The Lucky Lady”, but be warned, the crew on this particular ship hide dark secrets of their own. Do you have what it takes to survive the world of the vampirates? Or will ye lose yourself to the curse forever? Something I can sink my teeth into 2022 contest entry
Story Game: Bewitching the Prince Book Cover Image

Bewitching the Prince
by: Alexandra Tucker

You’re just a small-town witch with a lousy boyfriend and an online crush you’ve never met in person – before you’re brought to a magical kingdom and forced to compete on a reality tv show to marry the Crown Prince!
Story Game: Captive Book Cover Image

by: Michael Gordon

You never expected to stumble across an abandoned cabin during your corporate team-building trip, but whoever let you in…certainly doesn’t plan on letting you out. Can an attractive ranger break you free?
Story Game: War for the Crown Book Cover Image

War for the Crown
by: nicbarkdull

In a nation riven by a civil war between the crown and a noble family looking to steal it, you are the last child of the claimant to the throne. You’re ill-considered, mistreated, and your family are terrible people. But you have options because you’re still a noble daughter and a general on the field of battle. Do you undercut your siblings and rise to power through ruthlessness? Do you remain true to your honor and become a hero? Can you unite your family into something more than squabbling aristocrats? Or do you sign on as a double-agent and work for the other side to bring your family down?
Story Game: The Barkeep Book Cover Image

The Barkeep
by: Jeremy Zentner

A strange specter is wreaking havoc on outlaws as a wounded traveler seeks aid in a den of debauchery.
Story Game: The  Adventurous Fam Book Cover Image

The Adventurous Fam
by: Shiva

These 2 books are about a little boy and his family (Consisting of his sister, mom, dad and himself) going on crazy and unexpected adventures. And it teaches them how to cope with what they have got. This is meant for kids around 8 – 13 and would also make a great bedtime story!
Story Game: Starstreakers Book Cover Image

by: Eric Moser

You and three strangers inadvertently steal a alien starship capable of destroying a space station with a single blast! With the galaxy teetering on the brink of war, you must captain your ragtag crew through uncharted regions of space, striving to get home while evading the ship’s true owners, who will stop at nothing to get it back!
Story Game: Cat's Claw Book Cover Image

Cat's Claw
by: Chris Large

Kate has a bullet-bomb lodged in her head and it’s slowly ticking down. With only 200 hours to stop her brains being blown all over the sidewalk, it would really help if she could remember who was trying to kill her.
Story Game: Entrapped Book Cover Image

by: Synonym

A new day is set for for an adventure on the sea, with long lost treasure abandoned on an island, greedy captain cormac sets out to find the infamous treasure with an unlikely hostage as guest, the princess of Aurelia a lot is to be known as to why she is a runaway.
Story Game: The Hunt Book Cover Image

The Hunt
by: seannagrimes

Juliet watches the horrors of the full moon from her window as she does every month, but she feels like she can handle the wolves in a gentler fashion.
Story Game: Little Red Driving Hood  Book Cover Image

Little Red Driving Hood
by: Tom McGee

Your grandmother was kidnapped by the Wolf Clan so, Red, it’s time to get behind the hood of your custom interceptor and find her in the wasteland.
Story Game: Heir to the Throne Book Cover Image

Heir to the Throne
by: Allegra Fisher

When the Emperor demands every noble house send a child to compete to become his heir, you volunteer to save your brother from the deadly tournament. Can you make allies and survive when there can only be one winner? Or will you be forced to become a monster like the Emperor?
Story Game: Saving Alexandria Book Cover Image

Saving Alexandria
by: Alex Shelby

Project Recall, the CIA’s clandestine time travel division, recruits Maxine Getty for another mission… to SAVE KNOWLEDGE.

Genre: Adventure