Erotica Stories

Story Game: Wolf Dominion Book Cover Image

Wolf Dominion
by: C. Swallow

On Genesis, the Wolf Kind rule and Human Kind is on the brink of extinction. All Human males have been slaughtered and all the females left behind are taken as slaves under the Wolf Dominion. Alpha Skye oversees and maintains the Wolf Kind’s power, and he doesn’t foresee any humans as threats; they are only pets in his eyes. Ryder is a human female with one goal. Assassinate Alpha Skye. Why? Of course; vengeance. Which might be a problem, when the Alpha’s lips find their mark on her mouth. Will Ryder survive the Alpha’s kiss, or fall into an easy trap of seduction that she may never escape from again.
Story Game: The Last Covenant Book Cover Image

The Last Covenant
by: Victoria Masina

You’ve always wondered why your family moved away from the city when you turned 15. In the years since, you’ve jumped from smalltown to smalltown, never staying in one place long. It almost felt like you were running from something, scared to put down roots. Finally, your father lets you in on the long-guarded family secret: One hundred years ago, your great-grandmother signed a covenant that bonded you to a vampire who would claim you before your 26th birthday. Confident enough to venture out on your own at 25, you snag a bus ticket to the city and don’t look back until you realize that a “hell no” isn’t exactly in the cards for you.
Story Game: Childish Things Book Cover Image

Childish Things
by: Chase Cartwright

You’re surrounded by naked women, raucous friends, and cold beers. The music’s blaring. And the night is young. It might be the worst night of your life. But there’s always something to make a day better.
Story Game: Town Full of Secrets Book Cover Image

Town Full of Secrets
by: cheyscrivens

Ljerka went her whole life without knowing who she or where she come from. She goes on to a town and find out more than she bargained for.
Story Game: Jeremy Becomes A Man Book Cover Image

Jeremy Becomes A Man
by: laura_pruett

Sisters Gemma and Alexa cower in their mother’s home as howls pierce the night. Gemma knows that werewolves live nearby, and afraid though she may be of the possibilities, she is also aware that the sounds could be coming from a rather attractive werewolf she’s met before. After calming and reassuring her young sister, she steps outside to investigate. Will she encounter the handsome Jeremy . . . or someone else?
Story Game: Red Headed Magi Book Cover Image

Red Headed Magi
by: L.Wins

Amateur internet adult film star Mel from Nashville discovers she has divine superpowers when her best friend gets knocked with a baby prophet. Different religious and magical groups have their eye on the new prophet. Can Mel keep herself, her best friend, and the baby safe from angels, demons, fairies and a couple of really hot Charismata, think ninja-saint, guys? From Nashville to Hell to Heaven and back.
Story Game: Choice of Twilight  Book Cover Image

Choice of Twilight
by: lfoster5

Lucy Twilight has always been curious and an open-minded girl, but when she is thrown into the world of werewolves and mates. She may resent her curious side. Join her in her adventures as she finds out her purpose in this tale.
Story Game: The Billionaire's Best Friend Book Cover Image

The Billionaire's Best Friend
by: EKPeters

With feelings comes risk. Am I ready to risk it all for him? Would he do the same for me? Eight years ago, my best friend, Josh, had left me, transferred out of school without a word, and never heard from again. Until one fateful day, I received a mysterious text that would change my life drastically. Suddenly, I had a choice. Do I take the agreement that ensures my student loans are paid off, guarantees my dream job but will also betray the one I love? Or do I protect him by pretending to agree? An act for his father, who already disapproves of me? Or am I going to end up digging myself into a deeper hole?
Story Game: Ranch Hand Romance Book Cover Image

Ranch Hand Romance
by: Natalie Kendrick

Leaving the big city and moving back to your family’s ranch never crossed your mind…until it was suddenly the only way to save it. While navigating the newness of open air, clear skies and lots and lots of cattle…you find yourself swooning over your parents’ new ranch hand, a handsome, burly stranger with a mysterious past. While the heat between you grows, you happen to cross paths with the town’s gorgeous vet and the neighboring farm’s mysterious widow. Who will capture your heart?
Story Game: The Rejected Mates Book Cover Image

The Rejected Mates
by: emerzandra

Winter is a young werewolf who attends the Grand Mate Fallnalia, a party where 5 allied tribes come together to seek out their mates. Winter only came however due to her wolf bugging her about finding a mate which she has no interest in. But when she finally finds her mate after searching the whole party, she gets rejected. Something that is unheard of within the werewolf community. She runs from the party and goes to a meadow and when she hears someone coming near her, she’s surprised to see someone from a different tribe come to her aid.
Story Game: The Au Pair Book Cover Image

The Au Pair
by: Ellen Ricks

You had your life completely planned. Graduate college. Marry Josh. Enjoy the Midwest American dream. What you didn’t plan was catching Josh bent over a TA as she screamed his name through an empty lecture hall. With your life officially in shambles, you decide to be impulsive. You answer an Au Pair ad and find yourself on a flight to Paris three days later. While the food, customs, and language are all so foreign to you – so is the suffocating heat you feel from every sultry stare your employer, Mr. Dupont sends your way. As you begin to test the boundaries with your infuriatingly hot new boss, you grow closer. Is this your new dream come true or will his dark secrets send you right back to the mundane existence you ran from?

Battle of the Alphas
by: chartly

Emmy came to the Wolven Summit with her High Alpha, Orion. The leader of the Western Pack. They have been so close for so long that everyone in her pack keeps waiting for a mating bond to settle in. But when the High Alpha of North walks in, he brings secondary Alphas with him. Something Emmy has never heard of. One of these Alphas, Axel, finds her in the crowd immediately and claims the one thing Orion will never have. Emmy is his mate. Determined not to belong to a male she has never met, Emmy runs, but when the full moon has made its decree, there is not a corner of the darkest forest she could hide in. By tradition and right, she belongs to Axel. But is her heart still with Orion?
Story Game: Moonwalkers and Bloodsuckers Book Cover Image

Moonwalkers and Bloodsuckers
by: gremlin.writes

“Far below the stage had been set and the fires had been lit. Rose petals lined the cobblestones creating a pathway leading towards the altar that had been erected on the centre of the courtyard. All that was missing was the blushing bride and the handsome groom. Rosella would be the bride, but the problem with the groom was that he wasn’t the man she was in love with.” Rosella is a werewolf. Raven is a vampire. Her pack and his coven are at war, but neither one wants anything to do with the fighting. On the night of her Wedding, Rosella runs away with Raven, but will their time together lead to a happy eternity together. Or will the call of the war divide them forever?

Under the Black Sun
by: Jules Vasquez

After the defeat at Stalingrad in March of 1943, two anonymous and inhuman soldiers finish an interrogation that’ll never go on into official record from the start, and ends in some pretty bloody but consensual coitus. The sun still can’t be seen, but the full moon needs not be seen.
Story Game: More Book Cover Image

by: Ressy

Raiden worries for his best friend and teammate Luke, who seems to have changed since their trip to Europe. Confronting him goes… horribly right.
Story Game: Two Alphas, One Mate Book Cover Image

Two Alphas, One Mate
by: exquisites

When competing werewolf alphas Awan and Theo become infatuated with Sophie, she’s torn between two potential mates. But will their combined strength be enough to protect her from her past?

Genre: Erotica