Comedy Stories

Story Game: Painting the Lines Book Cover Image

Painting the Lines
by: Ashley R. King

Amalie Warner wants another shot to prove that she can be a successful writer. After hitting the bestseller’s list nine years ago, she’s lost her spark. Enter Julian Smoke, a failed tennis player making a dream run for the US Open.
Story Game: Murder at the Museum Book Cover Image

Murder at the Museum
by: Ryan LaPlante

You’re Isaiah Jackson, the apprentice of Maxima Matelle – the greatest detective in the world! But when she’s taken ill, you attend a VIP event at a museum in her stead. Unfortunately, a murder is committed! Can you solve the case? And what will you do when more guests start turning up dead?
Story Game: Loving A werewolf Book Cover Image

Loving A werewolf
by: Shiva

This story is about a man, who lives in a village but hides in the nearby forest every full moon to transform into a ‘you-know-what’ But one night unexpectedly, he meets a were-woman and a little were-girl. They instantly get along, and when another villager figures out who he is, he tries to kill him. And when that doesn’t work, he will announce to the world that ‘Billy’ is a werewolf. What will Billy do now?
Story Game: The  Adventurous Fam Book Cover Image

The Adventurous Fam
by: Shiva

These 2 books are about a little boy and his family (Consisting of his sister, mom, dad and himself) going on crazy and unexpected adventures. And it teaches them how to cope with what they have got. This is meant for kids around 8 – 13 and would also make a great bedtime story!
Story Game: You're my best friend but I like you Book Cover Image

You're my best friend but I like you
by: Susana Paixao

Mag, short for Magda, has been best friends with Katlyn since Junior High. Now that they are in college, Katlyn the straightest person Mag has ever known has told her that she has a crush on a girl. This confession makes Mag see Katlyn in a new light and feelings she never knew she had for her friend come to the surface. Read their tale and find out if their friendship blooms into love.
Story Game: The Sleeper Agent Book Cover Image

The Sleeper Agent
by: Alexandra Pauley

The CIA has been tasked to remove a threat to world wide security, in the wildly unknown, and tiny country, of Bootlegislov. Bordered by multiple European countries, whose security has been heightened, making it nearly impossible for agents to enter, the CIA must turn to its’ undercover, sleeper agents, placed around the world, over the decades since World War II. The target, President Ryce E. Rony, and his crack security team, have unveiled, and eliminated every sleep agent the CIA has: Except One. In 1944, Herman Feigel, the then, eighteen year old, private, in the United States Army, was sent to Bootlegislov as a sleeper agent. He has waited for his call to duty, and is overjoyed with the chance to serve his country. The problem is, he’s now ninety-six years old, with bad hearing and sight, and has to use a walker. The good news is, no one would ever suspect him! *A factually irrelevant piece of fiction*
Story Game: Apocalypse Office Book Cover Image

Apocalypse Office
by: Jordan Stewart

When an ordinary Tuesday turns apocalyptic by the sudden arrival of a world-ending meteor, everyone at your office scrambles to figure out what to do with their last day on Earth. But you have other plans.
Story Game: REAPER Book Cover Image

by: Nick Weiss

(AKA The Totally True Story of What Happens While You’re in a Coma) Has this ever happened to you? You get attacked with a baseball bat and put in a coma, and you go to this, like, Afterlife place in the sky or something and get put to work as a Reaper coming back to Earth and gathering souls from people that are scheduled to die, and it kinda sucks but you do it anyway because right before you went into the coma you finally got together with this girl you always really liked, but then you see that that girl is one of the ones who’s supposed to die, and you don’t know what to do? Has that ever happened to you???
Story Game: Accidentally Married Book Cover Image

Accidentally Married
by: Tanishka Mali

Life takes a riotous turn for Cheyenne when she accidentally marries a grumpy billionaire she met in Vegas. It certainly doesn’t help when he refuses for a divorce until a postnuptial agreement is written and signed.
Story Game: I Wish I Could Just Cancel My Reservations Book Cover Image

I Wish I Could Just Cancel My Reservations
by: Rochelle and Tony Zappia

Ricky wants to marry Raynelle, and she would love to spend the rest of her life with him. But how can Raynelle marry Ricky when he’s still seeing a “friend” who used to be his girlfriend? And how will Ricky react if Raynelle’s neurological challenges prevent them from consummating their marriage?
Story Game: Ife's Dilemma Book Cover Image

Ife's Dilemma
by: Meyee

A single hopeless romantic whose search for love has been futile but alas, she falls in love with a stranger.
Story Game: Daydream Book Cover Image

by: Budai Ferenc

A young girl, Charlotte, wakes up on a Friday morning, which seems to be a usual morning. Afterward, she explores the marks of yesterday’s sleepover party with her friends. She finds her friends all sleeping in a weird way. Are they really sleeping?
Story Game: Depending Book Cover Image

by: Belle R. Davis

Gin knows his relationship with Grace will always be just friends, but when her new boyfriend decides having a best friend who is the opposite sex is weird, Gin will have to decide between acceptance or baring his heart!
Story Game: Sense & Succubus Book Cover Image

Sense & Succubus
by: Adrienne Blake

“The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a goblin I can really love.” – Jane Austen. A bit. Everything Elinor Dashwood held dear is lost when her father blows his fortune at the casino tables then dies from the shame of it. Her half-brother and his grasping goblin wife have always despised their dryad half-sisters. They lose no time at all in kicking them out of their house. Before they leave, Elinor meets Edward, a half-goblin who shares none of his sister’s wickedness. His compassion wins Elinor over, and she soon falls in love. But her heart is broken when she learns Edward is secretly bonded to a sexy succubus and though her soul tells her he loves her, she knows he can never be hers. Despite all obstacles, the two sisters strive to find happiness — unaware there is a demon in the shadows, ready to make good on a bet to steal their hearts and make their suffering last forever.

Genre: Comedy