Romance Stories

Story Game: Painting the Lines Book Cover Image

Painting the Lines
by: Ashley R. King

Amalie Warner wants another shot to prove that she can be a successful writer. After hitting the bestseller’s list nine years ago, she’s lost her spark. Enter Julian Smoke, a failed tennis player making a dream run for the US Open.
Story Game: Forbidden Love Book Cover Image

Forbidden Love
by: Marmaduke Sims

Lycanthropes roam the lands. It will be night soon and two forbidden lovers are fleeing deeper into the woods . A delicate situation will arise. Will it end in their relationship firming up or will it melt away?
Story Game: Survivors - Linear Book Cover Image

Survivors - Linear
by: Anne Katheryn

When your plane goes down atop a snowy mountain ridge, you’re forced to find help, keep warm and survive alongside a gorgeous stranger hiding secrets of his own. Will you survive the elements? Or will something more sinister get you first?
Story Game: Survivors Book Cover Image

by: Anne Katheryn

When your plane goes down atop a snowy mountain ridge, you’re forced to find help, keep warm and survive alongside a gorgeous stranger hiding secrets of his own. Will you survive the elements? Or will something more sinister get you first?
Story Game: Bewitching the Prince Book Cover Image

Bewitching the Prince
by: Alexandra Tucker

You’re just a small-town witch with a lousy boyfriend and an online crush you’ve never met in person – before you’re brought to a magical kingdom and forced to compete on a reality tv show to marry the Crown Prince!
Story Game: You're my best friend but I like you Book Cover Image

You're my best friend but I like you
by: Susana Paixao

Mag, short for Magda, and Katlyn have been best friends since junior high. Now in college, Katlyn who had always been straight reveals to Mag that she has a major crush on a girl. This confession stirs up Mag’s heart, who, without knowing, has always been secretly in love with Katlyn.
Story Game: slumber in the forest Book Cover Image

slumber in the forest
by: leosgraveyard

Who are you gonna choose? It’s too good to be true QUICK NOTE FROM LEO : I’m sorry i was so rushed i also had schoolwork nearly the end of school so i’ll be creating better plots that have more detail! Good day <3
Story Game: Queen of My Heart Book Cover Image

Queen of My Heart
by: symplyayisha

Ronald Gidwani, a billionaire who is also a single father, finds love again when he meets Raina, The Queen Of His Heart.
Story Game: Carnal Coven Book Cover Image

Carnal Coven
by: Sonja E. DeWitt

During her 21st birthday, Sophie begins noticing strange things around her. Whispers in the wind, sparks at her fingertips…she’s alarmed at her new powers. That is, until she finds her way into a secretive coven with no shortage of gorgeous witches, anxious to mentor her.
Story Game: Transformation Book Cover Image

by: Ophelia Crane

Eloise has had some bad luck in men. When she goes on a blind date with Opie, she finds someone who checks all the boxes…and also has something extra to share with her. When they’re attacked after their date, she quickly finds out that he’s more than she bargained for.
Story Game: New In Town Book Cover Image

New In Town
by: exquisites

Sophie is new to the Montana wilderness…and certainly not by choice. After a bad breakup left her running from her former life in Texas, she’s quick to cover her tracks. New apartment. New job. New name. As she settles into a new incognizable routine, her shy smile and girl-next-door looks do the exact thing she’s hoping to avoid…attract attention. What Sophie doesn’t know about her new surroundings, is its the home base for the Maikoh Wolf Clan. As alphas Awan and Theo become infatuated, Sophie can’t seem to decide if she’s safer leaving town, or seeking shelter between one of – or both – of her potential mates. And when the danger she thought she left behind comes looking for her, will the strength of new love be enough to protect her?
Story Game: Body Check Book Cover Image

Body Check
by: Ty Langston

Garrett Fielding was your next-door neighbor for years. His hockey team also practiced at the same rink where you took figure skating lessons. Spending all your time with him, you two were insufferable best friends. But in high school, that changed. Garrett’s dad, who’d always been on the road, came home. Suddenly, the free-spirited boy you had crushed hard on for so long, stopped playing hookie from practice to chow down on popcorn with you under the bleachers. He stopped throwing snowballs at your window or popping over to your place for dinner after school. His dad had him at the rink all the time. When a car accident crushed your skating dreams and Garrett couldn’t be bothered to give a damn, your friendship abruptly ended. Years later, you’re engaged to a Wall Street type from the city and back in town to help drive marketing efforts for the city’s newest NHL team, one that Garrett is unfortunately the captain for. Thrown into close quarters and working together is just about the worst. But as forced proximity is something you have to navigate, you find yourself fighting the growing sparks…
Story Game: Loving A werewolf Book Cover Image

Loving A werewolf
by: Shiva

This story is about a man, who lives in a village but hides in the nearby forest every full moon to transform into a ‘you-know-what’ But one night unexpectedly, he meets a were-woman and a little were-girl. They instantly get along, and when another villager figures out who he is, he tries to kill him. And when that doesn’t work, he will announce to the world that ‘Billy’ is a werewolf. What will Billy do now?
Story Game: A Hunt in the Woods Book Cover Image

A Hunt in the Woods
by: firecrakcer

An ex-military hunter, Pierce Rhodes, seeks to prove the existence of werewolves. To do this, he must find and kill his target. Once he meets his wonderous quarry, Pierce must decide if he can commit to killing his target or let her live and risk his employer’s fury.
Story Game: Loving Anna Book Cover Image

Loving Anna
by: Autumn Breeze

4/18 BOOK CLUB SELECTION. All chapters free! Leave a comment on the story & win gems. Annabelle Johnson disappeared from Amy Kurt’s life one fateful evening. When Amy unexpectedly runs into her eleven years later, the old spark they used to share is still there – and so are all the secrets. Can Amy find a way of loving Anna that can withstand the truth?
Story Game: Late Night Snack Book Cover Image

Late Night Snack
by: Julie Brydon

Permanently thirty-year-old Sunny is a vampire who has to kill to survive, so she choose to prey on incels. When a well-meaning woman messes up her meal plan for the evening, she ends up wondering if perhaps love should be on the menu as well.
Story Game: Something Borrowed Book Cover Image

Something Borrowed
by: QuirkWrites

A young woman stumbles into a mansion, seeking the aid of its elusive master. She wants something so badly she’s willing to give up her inheritance – and her future – to get it.
Story Game: Witness Protection Book Cover Image

Witness Protection
by: ceaselessmind

When you hook up with a stranger at a club and then see him murder someone… you thought you couldn’t get more scared. Now you’re in witness protection, protected by the most talented (and hottest) Secret Service agent in the state. While he’s trying to keep things professional, you’ve got seduction in mind and he can’t ignore the heat between you much longer…
Story Game: As Bright As The Moon Book Cover Image

As Bright As The Moon
by: Ms Blips

You’re interning at a magazine, desperate to get your foot in the door of the writing world. While you dreamed of penning articles and making this summer your big break, you find yourself on lunch runs and grabbing the executive’s morning coffee, more often than not. Frustrated and just about on your last nerve, you accidentally rant about your situation to a handsome stranger in the elevator, who happens to be none other than your mysterious employer. An unlikely friendship emerges that catapults you into a world of prophecies, paranormal beings, and secret worlds. Who knew the occult had such a grip on the publishing world? Mix this with the rugged journalist you met in the lobby of your building, and you’re soon torn between rival paranormals, one desperate to keep his world a secret, the other to expose it.

Genre: Romance