Fantasy Stories

Story Game: Blood Moon Book Cover Image

Blood Moon
by: Victoria Masina

“I can smell her. Pushing through the crowd, I follow her scent. My search for the female isn’t motivated by cognitive intention; the beast inside compels me. It’s mating season.”
Story Game: Forbidden Love Book Cover Image

Forbidden Love
by: Marmaduke Sims

Lycanthropes roam the lands. It will be night soon and two forbidden lovers are fleeing deeper into the woods . A delicate situation will arise. Will it end in their relationship firming up or will it melt away?
Story Game: Lytoral Book Cover Image

by: Ashley Forshaw

When she becomes trapped inside her roommate’s body, a part-time memory walker must align with her enemies to unravel a mystery before she becomes lost in someone else’s mind.
Story Game: Bewitching the Prince Book Cover Image

Bewitching the Prince
by: Alexandra Tucker

You’re just a small-town witch with a lousy boyfriend and an online crush you’ve never met in person – before you’re brought to a magical kingdom and forced to compete on a reality tv show to marry the Crown Prince!
Story Game: Blood King Book Cover Image

Blood King
by: Amber K Bryant

Sybille Esmond never wanted to inherit her family’s weird business! Now she’s summoning spirits of the undead to guide them to the afterlife. While it pays the bills, dealing with supernatural monsters comes with colossal risks, including becoming undead herself. When tall, dark, and undead Elis Tanner invades Sybille’s life, he brings with him a possessive, disembodied ex-wife. Sybille must aid Elis in confronting his jealous ex, all while investigating the Blood King, a beast who refuses to die—by stake or by poison. After a harrowing possession leaves her burned and bruised, Sybille finds herself drawing closer to Elis’ temptations. Can he help her kill the unkillable? With the Blood King and his legions of undead closing in, she discovers her own life is far from the only thing in jeopardy. If you like K. F. Breene, Lisa Edmonds, Shannon Mayer, or Linsey Hall, you’ll love this paranormal romance with magic, intrigue, and mystery!
Story Game: Pride & Paranormal Book Cover Image

Pride & Paranormal
by: Adrienne Blake

What do love potions and banshee karaoke have to do with one of the greatest enemies-to-lovers tales of all time? Izzy may be the only responsible witch in her poor family of misfits, and as such, she has duties to uphold. Only a hot, mysterious, and infuriating warlock is determined to get in the way. When the rich and handsome Darcy Fitz blows into town, sparks fly. The wrong kind… He has earned her ire as much as her eye with his constant harsh words and acts, but what will happen when a bit of magic goes awry, and Izzy needs the help of this powerful man she claims to hate? Will Izzy’s pride get in the way of saving her family’s welfare and reputation? Find out in this witty, funny, fantasy retelling of Pride & Prejudice.
Story Game: slumber in the forest Book Cover Image

slumber in the forest
by: leosgraveyard

Who are you gonna choose? It’s too good to be true QUICK NOTE FROM LEO : I’m sorry i was so rushed i also had schoolwork nearly the end of school so i’ll be creating better plots that have more detail! Good day <3
Story Game: Mated To The Cold Hearted Alpha Book Cover Image

Mated To The Cold Hearted Alpha
by: Favour Bademosi

Ekaterina was always the quiet and obedient daughter, ready to sacrifice herself and get married to a total stranger in order to save her mother but what happens when Vadim, the ruthless Alpha King of the Shadow Wolf pack kidnaps her on the day of her engagement with the claim that she is his mate?
Story Game: Loving A werewolf Book Cover Image

Loving A werewolf
by: Shiva

This story is about a man, who lives in a village but hides in the nearby forest every full moon to transform into a ‘you-know-what’ But one night unexpectedly, he meets a were-woman and a little were-girl. They instantly get along, and when another villager figures out who he is, he tries to kill him. And when that doesn’t work, he will announce to the world that ‘Billy’ is a werewolf. What will Billy do now?
Story Game: The Sun and Moon Book Cover Image

The Sun and Moon
by: Jada Wilson

Two teen boys from opposing magical bloodlines and social classes find out they have a mystical connection through shared visions. When one’s father plots to conquer their town with his coven, they work together and find themselves falling for each other in the process.
Story Game: War for the Crown Book Cover Image

War for the Crown
by: nicbarkdull

In a nation riven by a civil war between the crown and a noble family looking to steal it, you are the last child of the claimant to the throne. You’re ill-considered, mistreated, and your family are terrible people. But you have options because you’re still a noble daughter and a general on the field of battle. Do you undercut your siblings and rise to power through ruthlessness? Do you remain true to your honor and become a hero? Can you unite your family into something more than squabbling aristocrats? Or do you sign on as a double-agent and work for the other side to bring your family down?
Story Game: Isolation Hell Book Cover Image

Isolation Hell
by: Claire Aramakutu

The Elders call it ‘Isolation Haven’, but when Neve’s lover and former Shade Runner begins to deteriorate, she has no choice but to seek the truth.
Story Game: Altered Helix Book Cover Image

Altered Helix
by: Stephanie Hansen

It’s a genre mashup done in a new way that feels traditional. This debut novella gained traction and the debut novel sister series released 2021 & 2022.
Story Game: Seven Deadly Book Cover Image

Seven Deadly
by: gremlin.writes

She sold her soul to the Gods for a child, and then she fell in love with the devil. Years later, the Gods want back what was taken from them, but when they tried to take the wrong Child of Sin they envoked the wrath of the underworld and the threat of all out war hangs in the balance if peace and order is not restored, and quickly. Will Forest be able to save his sister and return home to safety? Or will the call of the angels or demons prove too difficult to ignore? Cover art by @aurora.kk.draws on Instagram
Story Game: RUN Book Cover Image

by: elrivers

Spicy little one-shot for Tales ‘As bright as the moon contest.’ :D Talia and Drew are on the last leg of their relationship. Realizing this, Drew decides to surprise Talia in the most unexpected way. This is a snippet from a book I will eventually write.
Story Game: A Vision of Ruin and Sin Book Cover Image

A Vision of Ruin and Sin
by: Leto

Astrid and Khala are destined to be enemy. One the Great Wolf who will devour the world, the other the brave queen who will slay her. But fate can be challenged. Love and desire can’t.
Story Game: Pancakes and Werewolves Book Cover Image

Pancakes and Werewolves
by: Viola Dolaron

Raine and her friend Paisley attend their favorite band’s concert, only to end up in the lead singers home the next morning. A strange encounter a day later brings the truth into the moonlight.
Story Game: Dark Stars Trilogy: Crystalline Space Book Cover Image

Dark Stars Trilogy: Crystalline Space
by: A.K. DuBoff

What if “do-overs” were possible? The crystalline network spanning Elle’s civilization records physical states at set moments in time, allowing reality to be reset. After what should have been a routine reset on her homeworld, Elle instead awakens on a spaceship. Her body is different, she has new abilities, and she’s told that she holds the fate of known civilization in her hands. An alien Darkness is corrupting the crystalline network across the settled worlds. Elle and a group of talented companions—strangers imbued with special abilities like her own—must embark on an interstellar journey to seal the Master Archive, their only hope of restoring the infected worlds.
Story Game: A Werewolf's Howl Book Cover Image

A Werewolf's Howl
by: psych3

Did you not ever wonder why a werewolf howls? This is a forsaken tale of the love between the moon and the lone wolf. Let’s find out why a werewolf howl to the moon.
Story Game: Heir to the Throne Book Cover Image

Heir to the Throne
by: Allegra Fisher

When the Emperor demands every noble house send a child to compete to become his heir, you volunteer to save your brother from the deadly tournament. Can you make allies and survive when there can only be one winner? Or will you be forced to become a monster like the Emperor?

Genre: Fantasy