Historical Fiction Stories

Story Game: Century Curse Book Cover Image

Century Curse
by: mcmantis

After a century of feeding on villagers Cassius finally discovers the origin of his vampiric curse.
Story Game: The Golden Thread Book Cover Image

The Golden Thread
by: Tales Originals

After a secret conspiracy threatens to destroy the empire, a young aristocratic woman finds herself in the position to rewrite history and change the fate of ancient Rome.
Story Game: Saving Alexandria Book Cover Image

Saving Alexandria
by: Alex Shelby

Project Recall, the CIA’s clandestine time travel division, recruits Maxine Getty for another mission… to SAVE KNOWLEDGE.
Story Game: Saving Lincoln Book Cover Image

Saving Lincoln
by: Alex Shelby

Time travel will become a reality, and Maxine’s mission sets out to repair racial division by preventing John Wilkes Booth from assassinating President Lincoln.
Story Game: The Radical Days of Mary Shelley and Isabella Booth Book Cover Image

The Radical Days of Mary Shelley and Isabella Booth
by: Marilyn Reid

If Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley had never lived with the Scottish family of William T. Baxter in Dundee Scotland, the world might never have enjoyed the wonderful Percy Shelley’s poetry, nor indeed, the Gothic horror of Frankenstein. Mary’s father William Godwin, was the father of radicalism and Baxter and his son-in-law David Booth helped him by raising money for radical prisoners’ families. They kept their friendships secrets, but they were close. So close, in fact, that when Mary was just 14, Godwin sent her to live in Dundee Scotland with the Baxter family, for her health, as she was suffering with an arm that would not heal. David Booth knew just the right man to heal her, the genius Scottish Botanist and Herbalist, George Don, also chairman of the Dundee Radical Society. This story shows the love, intrigue, romance, and tragic events, of their lives as well as the story of the life long friendship that formed the radical days of Mary Shelley and Isabella Baxter Booth.
Story Game: The Exorcism of Jolly Jane Book Cover Image

The Exorcism of Jolly Jane
by: Alex Shelby

Take a trip to 1889 as a Medium who specializes in hauntings, only this time you’re dealing with real-life serial killer Jane Toppan, who’s demon-possessed soul is wreaking havoc on a Massachusetts hospital.
Story Game: Pirates and Booty Book Cover Image

Pirates and Booty
by: Anna Washenko

You’re a pirate captain in the days of yore. You’re a complete badass just starting to make a real name for yourself out on the seas, but you’re single! You’ve found the route of a Spanish treasure ship, but you need to find the right partner to capture it. Going on dates with a few different pirates just might be necessary. And who knows…maybe you’ll meet your new first mate on the way?
Story Game: Prudence Palace Book Cover Image

Prudence Palace
by: Natalie Kendrick

When your late uncle leaves you with an unexpected noble title, you find yourself required to find a husband at Prudence Palace: London’s finest ballroom for eligible socialites! Time is not on your side, however. Can you find a husband and secure your inheritance before the social season ends?
Story Game: Pirates & Booty Book Cover Image

Pirates & Booty
by: Tales Originals

Set sail on a swashbuckling, steamy romp as you search for your first mate. Get to know five charming corsairs in this highly replayable adventure, each with their own backstory and interactive date! With plenty of booty plundering to be had, the only question left is: who will you choose, Cap’n?
Story Game: Blood Witches of London Book Cover Image

Blood Witches of London
by: Ric Brady

Chief Inspector Webb is mourning the loss of his father when one of his colleagues is gruesomely murdered. Always a skeptic, Webb starts to question his lack of belief when Voodoo is linked to the murder. Webb’s investigation leads him from the backstreets of Victorian London to the Empire’s elite as he tries to find the person behind this human sacrifice.
Story Game: Queendom Book Cover Image

by: Superstar

When your father passes away and the crown is at stake, can you take the throne, find love, seek justice and become queen? Welcome to your Queendom!
Story Game: Save the Queen Book Cover Image

Save the Queen
by: Eric Avery

5/2: Book Club selection: read the entire story for FREE. Leave any comment and receive gems! Leave our favorite comment and win 100 gems! In this “What if?” historical drama, immerse yourself as a lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn. Can you change history and save her from certain death?
Story Game: Cirque Du Strange Book Cover Image

Cirque Du Strange
by: Nicky Silber

While drama and romance bloom under the canopy of the Marigold Red Tent Circus, the cruelties of the post-civil war world outside threaten to destroy it.
Story Game: Underneath The Narra Tree Book Cover Image

Underneath The Narra Tree
by: ephemeral

The warm sunlight filtered through the leaves of the Narra tree beside the courtyard, casting scattered light upon the ground. Amidst the peaceful chirping of the birds, echoes of joyful laughter rang out within the yard. A pair of children, a young boy, and a little girl were running merrily around the tree, bursting out in a fit of delightful laughter from time to time. “Slow down!” the young boy, wearing Camisa de Chino and pants filled with mud stains, exclaimed while chasing the young girl.
Story Game: Under the Black Sun Book Cover Image

Under the Black Sun
by: Jules Vasquez

After the defeat at Stalingrad in March of 1943, two anonymous and inhuman soldiers finish an interrogation that’ll never go on into official record from the start, and ends in some pretty bloody but consensual coitus. The sun still can’t be seen, but the full moon needs not be seen.

Genre: Historical Fiction