Cupid's Broken Arrow
by: christie22

When a young girl in the town of Broken Arrow suddenly becomes a werewolf, she could use a bit of guidance from her new, hot, werewolf boyfriend.
Story Game: CRY WOLF Book Cover Image

by: jdgrady96

Things aren’t always as they seem, and right now it feels as though the entire town is keeping one big secret.
Story Game: Meat Cute Book Cover Image

Meat Cute
by: Ariadne Tay

A guy checks out a newly-opened butcher shop and goes home craving a very specific flavor of sausage.
Story Game: Blackbones' Ruby Book Cover Image

Blackbones' Ruby
by: Rachel Le Mesurier

When a dying pirate king confesses to Jack of a hidden treasure, Jack jumps at the chance to secure his fortune and his freedom. However, Jack is not the only one in pursuit of Blackbones’ Ruby. As he and his rivals race to find the priceless treasure, Jack begins to wonder if Blackbones may have had the last laugh after all…
Story Game: Gold Wolf Book Cover Image

Gold Wolf
by: moory17

Two lovers reunite after a long pause. Has Dean learned to come to terms with his wolf side? Has he learned to love himself in order to love someone else?

Never Say Goodbye
by: Rachelle Jarred

Rose Marie has finally reached her end of finding true love. That is until she meets Tristan online. He is everything she wants in a man. But Tristan has a secret of his own
Story Game: Married to the Mafia Book Cover Image

Married to the Mafia
by: exquisites

You are a mafia princess whose being forced to marry a son of a rival mob boss. You’re supposed to betray him at the wedding and just string him along, but feelings for him grow quickly. Will love win out, or family?
Story Game: Entombed in Shadow Book Cover Image

Entombed in Shadow
by: Annmarie J.

Some magic is meant to stay in the shadows. Except for Lina. Chasing after her best friend to find a mystical sword that would lead to riches and freedom beyond their wildest dreams. But the deeper they go, the greater the cost becomes in obtaining this weapon. Lina must decide what is worth more to her: Life or death.
Story Game: Souvenir Tendre Book Cover Image

Souvenir Tendre
by: Dominée LePen

Going to a funeral or not becomes a question of going against her heart for Babette. Struggling to finish her thesis when all she wants to do is write fiction, things take a turn for the romantic when she meets Jason, a fellow student of literature. Between them, what begins at a funeral can only be infinitely better than what ends with one.
Story Game: Cruising for a Billionaire Book Cover Image

Cruising for a Billionaire
by: Cavanaugh.Bardo

You’ve got one week on an all-expenses-paid VIP cruise to choose the billionaire you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, though you can spend your nights with all of them…
Story Game: Amongst the Bees Book Cover Image

Amongst the Bees
by: Jessica Furniss

Handsome vet, Calvin, likes to spend most of his nights quietly with a good book, until the breathtaking Max and his adorable golden retriever end up on his exam table one afternoon. Calvin decides to start his bee garden, but flowers aren’t the only things blooming in this heartwarming love story.
Story Game: A love horoscope Book Cover Image

A love horoscope
by: Lisa Aragon

A true love story between a Leo and Gemini overturning the horoscope. Different paths and still ended up in eachothers direction catching them off guard in their ways. Timing was not a question but loyalty to what they wanted in their lives and what they were willing to do.
Story Game: An Earl Behaving Badly Book Cover Image

An Earl Behaving Badly
by: Tasha Daniel

When Abigail flees from her very annoying neighbour, she makes a discovery that may just change her view on things – and maybe her heart?
Story Game: Queendom Book Cover Image

by: Superstar

When your father passes away and the crown is at stake, can you take the throne, find love, seek justice and become queen? Welcome to your Queendom!
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