Mystery / Thriller Stories

Story Game: Blood Moon Book Cover Image

Blood Moon
by: Victoria Masina

“I can smell her. Pushing through the crowd, I follow her scent. My search for the female isn’t motivated by cognitive intention; the beast inside compels me. It’s mating season.”
Story Game: Murder at the Museum Book Cover Image

Murder at the Museum
by: Ryan LaPlante

You’re Isaiah Jackson, the apprentice of Maxima Matelle – the greatest detective in the world! But when she’s taken ill, you attend a VIP event at a museum in her stead. Unfortunately, a murder is committed! Can you solve the case? And what will you do when more guests start turning up dead?
Story Game: The Queen's Regards Book Cover Image

The Queen's Regards
by: Paige Law

Everyone should know not to piss off The Queen! And that should include The Queen’s two vampire assassins. Trying to redeem themselves in The Queen’s eyes, Kendra and Clara go after their newest mark, and risk their lives in the process.
Story Game: Penthouse Evenings Book Cover Image

Penthouse Evenings
by: Alicia Zhang

A story about a couple who are out of control. They crave for blood and spend evenings in their penthouse, unsure of what to do.
Story Game: Blood Line Express Book Cover Image

Blood Line Express
by: Kathryn Healy

When a light-night subway ride goes sideways, a mysterious duo must defend themselves from a crazed madman – without making too much of a mess.
Story Game: Bloody or Mary Book Cover Image

Bloody or Mary
by: Lucia Monay

Bella, turned vampire, has been bitten by a werewolf. While her cousin Cody is nowhere to be found and there’s no one else to turn to, she seeks help from The Sorcerer. The only problem is The Sorcerer is unable to tell if it’s actually a werewolf that bit her. With news that Bloody Mary is back in town, the search for the cure becomes much more difficult.
Story Game: Vampirates! Book Cover Image

by: gremlin.writes

Adventure on the high seas awaits any who dare to step on board “The Lucky Lady”, but be warned, the crew on this particular ship hide dark secrets of their own. Do you have what it takes to survive the world of the vampirates? Or will ye lose yourself to the curse forever? Something I can sink my teeth into 2022 contest entry
Story Game: Century Curse Book Cover Image

Century Curse
by: mcmantis

After a century of feeding on villagers Cassius finally discovers the origin of his vampiric curse.
Story Game: EXTRAS Book Cover Image

by: Zachary Sergi

You don’t know who you are as a shapeshifting Extra hero—but you’re about to find out. Illicit affairs with superstars, deadly secret reveals, mudslinging in the fame game…EXTRAS EXTRAS, read all about it! It’s The Boys who brunch with Pop Divas & Real Housewives. Experience a rotating cast of shape-shifted personas who investigate a terrifying mystery—one that might implode the entire glamor-and-celebrity-soaked Extras industry. That is, if you survive the corporate espionage and sabotage from the rich and famous celebrities who don’t want their darkest secrets revealed. Will this dangerous adventure be the key to unlocking who you really are, underneath it all? Or will it be the key to building your best, most customizable persona ever?
Story Game: The Fox's Wedding Book Cover Image

The Fox's Wedding
by: Elizabeth White

A detective, investigating a string of disappearances, finds herself abducted. She wakes in a mysterious facility where a game of life or death is about to begin … and she is a contestant.
Story Game: Traves Book Cover Image

by: mcmantis

Traves is in a bad way. Just how exactly did he end up lost in the deep forest in the middle of the night? Will he survive until the morning?
Story Game: Captive Book Cover Image

by: Michael Gordon

You never expected to stumble across an abandoned cabin during your corporate team-building trip, but whoever let you in…certainly doesn’t plan on letting you out. Can an attractive ranger break you free?
Story Game: Isolation Hell Book Cover Image

Isolation Hell
by: Claire Aramakutu

The Elders call it ‘Isolation Haven’, but when Neve’s lover and former Shade Runner begins to deteriorate, she has no choice but to seek the truth.
Story Game: Altered Helix Book Cover Image

Altered Helix
by: Stephanie Hansen

It’s a genre mashup done in a new way that feels traditional. This debut novella gained traction and the debut novel sister series released 2021 & 2022.
Story Game: House Party Book Cover Image

House Party
by: mcmantis

Sara started at a new school, and she planned to keep to herself. But that changed when she was invited to a house party by a charming boy named Deak.
Story Game: Seven Deadly Book Cover Image

Seven Deadly
by: gremlin.writes

She sold her soul to the Gods for a child, and then she fell in love with the devil. Years later, the Gods want back what was taken from them, but when they tried to take the wrong Child of Sin they envoked the wrath of the underworld and the threat of all out war hangs in the balance if peace and order is not restored, and quickly. Will Forest be able to save his sister and return home to safety? Or will the call of the angels or demons prove too difficult to ignore? Cover art by @aurora.kk.draws on Instagram
Story Game: Fangs Unmasked Book Cover Image

Fangs Unmasked
by: Audrey Hazelton

Vampires have been living among us for centuries. But what happens when something new is threatening their existence?
Story Game: Witness Protection Book Cover Image

Witness Protection
by: ceaselessmind

When you hook up with a stranger at a club and then see him murder someone… you thought you couldn’t get more scared. Now you’re in witness protection, protected by the most talented (and hottest) Secret Service agent in the state. While he’s trying to keep things professional, you’ve got seduction in mind and he can’t ignore the heat between you much longer…

Genre: Mystery / Thriller