Your Favorite Books Brought To Life

Tales brings stories to life with stunning visuals & immersive audio. The words are still the star of the show – but now they have supporting actors! If Gutenberg invented the book today it would look something like Tales.

Publish using Tales visual novel format: Prose with backgrounds and sound fx to set the mood. On a mobile phone.
Tales visual novel format transports readers. Prose with background of a plane cockpit.

Preview Screenplays

Read it before you watch it. Get early access to screenplays before they hit streaming services & box offices! See the breathtaking locations and beloved characters as the writer envisioned them.

Publish using Tales screenplay format: Character portraits delivering dialogue lines on rich backgrounds. On a mobile phone.
Tales dialogue format showing character portraits delivering dialogue lines on top of beautiful backgrounds.

Reads like a book Plays like a game

Want to take control? You’ll find great interactive stories on Tales from veteran game writers. Your choices have a real impact on how the story unfolds. Be the hero or the villain – the decision is yours. Pick your backstory, gain allies, and change the course of history… choose wisely.

Gameplay: Pick which character to side with. Consequential choices that shape how the story unfolds.
Gameplay in published story game: Save the Queen. Your choices will rewrite history.

Compare With Friends

Unlike other storytelling apps, our interactive stories have actual branching paths and you’ll be able to compare your choices with the community. Learn about your style of play: are you direct, strategic, or do you avoid conflict at all costs?

Compare your decisions with your friends and the community.

Original Stories From Amazing Storytellers

There’s a story for everyone on Tales. Each story is written by a different author, which means you’re getting something truly unique and not dreamed up by some marketing department. We think it’s inspiring what happens when we give talented writers from TellTale, BioWare, Episode, Choices, Netflix, and Marvel access to our vast art library, storytelling tools, and data. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own story!


When you play stories on the Tales platform, you’ll notice how diverse the characters and plotlines are, especially when compared to titles from other studiosStories fill a critical role, especially in a world that can certainly use more empathy and inspiration.

We’re proud that the story games on our platform are inclusive, diverse, and feature voices from all walks of life. We do this by allowing authors to create and publish their stories directly, bypassing traditional gatekeepers and market research departments. You decide with your ratings and views which stories and authors should be successful. You decide what types of stories the world needs more of and who gets to tell those stories.

Survey of the lead characters on the Tales platform (January 2021)

If you want to learn about a culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change a culture, change the stories.

Michael Margolis

Best of All Tales is Free

New stories published each week from your favorite authors. You’ll be able to play through each series without paying a dime. If you do choose to pay for optional content, you’ll do so knowing your money is going straight into the pockets of individual writers and artists around the world. Let us know if you’re interested in publishing your own interactive story!

Thousands of stories in the Tales App