Young Adult Stories

Story Game: The Sun and Moon Book Cover Image

The Sun and Moon
by: Jada Wilson

Two teen boys from opposing magical bloodlines and social classes find out they have a mystical connection through shared visions. When one’s father plots to conquer their town with his coven, they work together and find themselves falling for each other in the process.
Story Game: Camp Royal Book Cover Image

Camp Royal
by: Ryan LaPlante

During the summer before college, Eleanor Gonzalez gets hired to lifeguard at a summer camp for royalty! Soon her romantic attention is being competed for by two handsome Princes, as dangerous accidents start occurring around the camp. Can she stop the killers or killers, and which Prince will win her heart in the process?
Story Game: Accidentally in Love Book Cover Image

Accidentally in Love
by: Alethea B.H. Harper

Wynita was not looking for love. All she wanted to do was hang out with her girls and live her best life. All that changed when cupid’s arrow shot in the head. Read how an accident led to love. Warning: there are mentions of suicide.
Story Game: One Thing that is Certain Book Cover Image

One Thing that is Certain
by: AmandaE

A werewolf outbreak has left Gen isolated and uncertain of where she belongs. Hunted for over a year and now trapped in her enemies camp leads to an unexpected encounter with a young medic, Andres. Will Gen be able to put aside her fears or submit.
Story Game: Depending Book Cover Image

by: Belle R. Davis

Gin knows his relationship with Grace will always be just friends, but when her new boyfriend decides having a best friend who is the opposite sex is weird, Gin will have to decide between acceptance or baring his heart!
Story Game: The Five Stages Book Cover Image

The Five Stages
by: chocolateeclair

Hayley has a terrible secret. One that’s taken her through the five stages of grief. Well, not all of them, not quite yet. There’s still that tricky acceptance stage. When a boy at school, Mario, learns her secret, he invites her to a party of people with… similar issues. Can he help her accept the changes in her life?
Story Game: Elite Five Book Cover Image

Elite Five
by: EKPeters

What do you do when others who have magic find out who you really are? Especially when knowing about your very existence will either be their salvation or destroy them.
Story Game: Max Ammo Book Cover Image

Max Ammo
by: Sara Bushway

A self-aware character in an arcade game battles his nemesis for the umpteenth time. With the help of his trusty player, Max fights his way through the levels to take on the evil Arachnoid, the Spider Queen.
Story Game: A Color Pencil's Journey Book Cover Image

A Color Pencil's Journey
by: Sharika Mandyam

Red is dying. Purple embarks on a journey to save her friend. First, she has to find out how to save her friend. She goes to the wise but dangerous Stapler, who reveals the secret treasure. Only problem, the pencil sharpener is 3 aisles away. Her sidekick, Green, grudgingly helps her find a pencil sharpener. Along the way, they meet Eraser who helps protect them from any danger. On their journey, they meet a group of gangster Sharpies, helpful Scissors which everyone thought were evil, and a store full of customers, where they need to stay out of sight so a human doesn’t get them. Finally, once they reach the pencil sharpener, they meet the guardians of the treasure, who are not willing to give it up.
Story Game: Midnight view Book Cover Image

Midnight view
by: morsem

Olivia has always thought of herself as abnormal. Ever since she was little she has been able to see red strings connecting people. But not just any people… Werewolves. The people who are connected by these strings are destined to be together. Olivia is not able to see her own red strings, but what happens when she sees a dark figure at midnight who’s string isn’t red but black. Furthermore what is she to do when this string connects itself to her.
Story Game: The Wolveshaven Trilogy: Book one, The Attack of The Evil Storm Book Cover Image

The Wolveshaven Trilogy: Book one, The Attack of The Evil Storm
by: Daniel Smith

In the frozen land of Siberia, a man named Martin worked for a monster hunter by the name of Maelstrom, all was fine until Maelstrom kidnapped a werewolf by the name of Izma, Martin feels conflicted and frees Izma, which brings upon his masters wrath, unveiling himself as Evil Storm, the eternal enemy of the werewolves, Martin and Izma send Evil Storm to the fourth dimension, a makeshift prison. Izma guides Martin to the mystical land of the werewolves, Wolveshaven, there, Martin meets Esme Willow, an Asain tree spirit of the weeping willow, in Wolveshaven, Martin must be able to survive the hardships that happen, such as the attacks of Evil Storm’s followers. But, there is a prophecy, a Golden Wolf, destined to destroy Wolveshaven before all reality… So, Martin must find himself able to not just defend his friends, but the world itself. All Rights Reserved
Story Game: Am I A F*&#ing Bet?! Book Cover Image

Am I A F*&#ing Bet?!
by: Nell Rochas

Quiet but incredibly talented at the potter’s wheel, you’ve spent your high school years nose down and building your portfolio – knowing a scholarship will be the only way you’re getting into your dream art school. Imagine your dismay when, during your last semester, you’re required to mentor failing art student, smoking-hot Ricky Alvez. No good Ricky Alvez. The very Ricky Alvez you crushed hard on all through grade school. That very Ricky Alvez that kissed you in front of your entire class in the 6th grade and absolutely humiliated you. Snarky, cynical and absolutely deserving of a failing grade, you know tutoring this lost cause may increase your chances of admittance. But can you keep your heart locked tight so as not to be swayed by his charms? And also…why is he even attempting to charm you?
Story Game: TruChange Book Cover Image

by: Tales Originals

Who’s making the decisions around here… you or this new app? Help Zoey decide when it’s truly time to CHANGE!
Story Game: Mascara Murders Book Cover Image

Mascara Murders
by: Tales Originals

Did you hear? There’s a serial killer that murders high school students, leaving a bloody wound that looks like mascara around the eyes. Seems like a dumb rumor… at least, until a student dies.

Genre: Young Adult