Story Game: As Bright As The Moon Book Cover Image

As Bright As The Moon

You’re interning at a magazine, desperate to get your foot in the door of the writing world. While you dreamed of penning articles and making this summer your big break, you find yourself on lunch runs and grabbing the executive’s morning coffee, more often than not. Frustrated and just about on your last nerve, you accidentally rant about your situation to a handsome stranger in the elevator, who happens to be none other than your mysterious employer. An unlikely friendship emerges that catapults you into a world of prophecies, paranormal beings, and secret worlds. Who knew the occult had such a grip on the publishing world? Mix this with the rugged journalist you met in the lobby of your building, and you’re soon torn between rival paranormals, one desperate to keep his world a secret, the other to expose it.

Story: As Bright As The Moon