Story Game: Undercover Zombie Book Cover Image

Undercover Zombie

From the surface, you are a washed-up, extraordinarily typical 23-year-old nobody. You’re in your final year at the local community college, and working nights at the gas station on the corner of 11th and Stearn. Sure, you’ve stopped a few run-of-the-mill robberies, and ok yes, they’ve never found the bodies. But a zombie’s gotta eat, am I right? As your hunger grows stronger leading up to your pinnacle 25th birthday, you wonder how much longer you can keep up this human charade. But you like your life, and graveyards aren’t really your thing. While you become more confident you can keep everything under wraps, that all changes when 1. Ashley Collins, the President of the after-school book club spots you chowing down on brains by the cash register and 2. When more zombies threaten your turf – and they aren’t so willing to play nice. Can you protect your neighborhood from an undead apocalypse? Do you ever have a shot at normal?

Story: Undercover Zombie