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Amaryllis Lanza

Dark and Steamy Romance Author

As a child, the writer known as Amaryllis Lanza made up stories to entertain her friends and confound adults. As an adult, she’s still confounding.

Amaryllis Lanza writes cheeky, edgy, fiery, steamy romance—contemporary, adventure, mafia, cowboy, suspense, paranormal and sci-fi. Her stories are known for their detailed world-building, exciting plots, unique twists, wicked humor, and abundant naughtiness. Some of her books are sweet, others downright D-A-R-K.

She lives in the countryside in Northern Europe with her darling husband and frolicking cats. She loves strawberries and chocolate, but not chocolate-covered strawberries. Most agree she’s a little weird but largely harmless. If stuck, give her coffee.

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Creator: Amaryllis Lanza