I may have said this in my other application to Tales/ Fable, but it still stands.

At my core, I need people to interact with what I make. My favourite projects have all had interactive elements to them, and I’m most proud of the projects I’ve been able to apply a narrative to. It brings me great satisfaction knowing someone uses or enjoys something I’ve made because it looks good or feels nice.

This is why I like video games and interactive fiction. They’re the perfect medium to present a narrative and still impress the audience with visceral feedback, while providing “cool things to do”. I have many fond memories of emergent and predefined story arcs in games, because in both, you as the player are truly part of the story. I love when choices make a difference. I love when two players can experience different stories having played the same game. And, games are fun! They look cool and can feel nice and all around generate a wonderful experience.

I have many weird story ideas that I seem to only make work in games I make. Other mediums feel constrictive in some way, but I have a lot of freedom when coding. It can be as simple or complex as I want, big or small, long or short.

Tales is the perfect platform/avenue for this, a great combination of everything I value and appreciate regarding interactive fiction, art, and user interaction.

I hope this all makes sense, and I hope I’ve made my passion for writing and video games clear! I’d love to be a part of what you make, and I feel I could really excel at Tales. I would love to exercise my passions and skills, and apply them in a meaningful way!

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