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Chris Large

Fantasy, science fiction and horror author of stories to make you laugh and cry. But mostly laugh.

Although born in the coldest part of Australia, Chris has lived much of his life in searing deserts, including the Tanami, the Great Victoria, and the Kalahari in southern Africa. His passion for fantasy and science fiction began early, when a year 1 teacher took his class to see Star Wars at a cinema in a nearby town, and it has not diminished a single iota since that day.

His early career took him to the remotest parts of Australia, and eventually overseas to Botswana and Tanzania. After returning home, he began writing in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. His work has appeared in Australian and international publications and in 2017 he began writing branching narratives for 3 Minute Games, and later Big Fish Games. He currently writes branching narrative fantasy stories for Tales, while slowly working towards completing his much neglected (but loved) crime fiction novel. He lives with his partner in Tasmania, Australia.

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