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Narrative Designer and Novelist

Christopher Lee Bucker works as a full-time writer, living in Folsom, California, with his wife and daughter. His publication history includes short stories published through Tales, 365 Tomorrow, Scarlet Leaf Review, and the Sacramento News and Review. He has also written and published several successful full-length novels, including Swords of Rome and the Rome Unbound series with Lume Books. He has also written the novel adaptation of the video game Cepheus Protocol and the interactive story Tyrannus: Immortal of Rome with Tales.

Christopher has worked in the video game industry as a journalist, game designer, and narrative designer for the past fifteen years. His video game credits include Dark Storm: VR Missions, Cepheus Protocol, Cepheus Protocol: Anthology, and Tyrannus: Immortal of Rome, where he was the lead writer and narrative director for each title.

Christopher strives to create realistic, engaging, and compelling male and female characters as avid science fiction, fantasy, comic book, and video game fan. In addition, he has a keen interest in ancient history, centering primarily around Rome and Greece, but possesses a broader array of knowledge regarding most civilizations from Antiquity through modern history. This experience has allowed Christopher to add a historical flair to most of his writing regardless of its setting or timeline. This has helped him tremendously in his video game career regarding world-building, plotting, and character development

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